Die Hard 5 gets a title, plot and release date!

In life it is said that bad things happen in threes, that is unless you are a character in a Hollywood franchise, in which case bad luck can happen to you as many times as the studio executives deem it necessary! Take John McClane for example, played by Bruce Willis, the character has to date suffered at the hands of Hollywood four times and yesterday we found out that he will definitely be suffering again in 2013!

The character will return to our screens on February 14th of that year with the latest instalment of the Die Hard franchise, titled A Good Day To Die Hard or AGDTDH for those who love to use hash tagging on Twitter.  The title and date were confirmed by Tom Rothman, the co-chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment in a recent radio interview. Rothman also went on to reveal a few other details about the movie and McClanes latest run of bad luck revolves around rescueing his son from an international threat in of all places, Russia!

So it would appear that not only are the studio executives now torturing McClane but also viewers, as this plot it seems shows us that it would appear executives haven’t quite figured out that the cold war is over!  

Although with the release date being Valentine’s Day I would not be surprised if the story features the seemingly cursed McClane fly in to save the day wearing cherub wings and tights whilst firing heart tipped arrows at his enemies and yelling Yippie Ki-Yay Non Lovers!

A Good Day To Die Hard starring Bruce Willis will be released on February 14th 2013, until then stay lucky or better still as far away from being involved in a Hollywood franchise as possible!

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