SNSD (Girls’ Generation) & Universal Music Group ready for U.S. Debut

Lots of people will probably have no idea who SNSD (Girls’ Generation) are, but I know for certain a lot of people got into the Kpop scene because of them. Their song “Gee” was used for one of the “Dead Fantasy” videos, which shows Final Fantasy, Dead Or Alive, and Kingdom Hearts characters, dancing to the now world famous “Gee” (with the videos below, would you rather see game characters or SNSD themselves?). Now with the upcoming album “The Boys,” SNSD (Girls’ Generation) have been making Korean headlines with the fact that they want to make it a worldwide release.

On the 12th of October it was officially confirmed by SM Entertainment that SNSD will be releasing a “Mini-Album” some time in November in the United States, working with Universal Music Group (UMG) and Interscope Records, the companies that have bought us artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady GaGa, Papa Roach and Sting to name a few. 

SNSD and SM Entertainment plan to release the “Full Length” album of  “The Boys” in South America, Europe, and many other countries worldwide. Although already a highly anticipated album in Korea, its release has unfortunately been pushed back, due to wanting to make slight adjustments to the marketing for international use. October 19th is now the set release date, for their album, and single, also titled “The Boys.”

The single has been put together by world renowned producer Teddy Riley, famously known for producing work for the  legendary Michael Jackson. This isn’t the first time Riley has worked in the Kpop scene either, having produced songs for Jay Park, a whole album for RaNia and even commenting behind the scenes of the “Jeju Island: Inkigayo Special” about how Kpop boy band Big Bang are “a threatening group which can conquer the pop music market even beyond Asia.”



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