This Means War Trailer

20th Century Fox have released a trailer to director McG’s action comedy This Means War.

Two CIA Agents, Tuck (Tom Hardy) and JFK (Chris Pine), partners and best friends, find themselves falling in love with the same woman, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon). They then use their skills to outwit each other in an effort to win her over. It’s a fairly basic plot, but there are some good laughs in this trailer, and the tone suggests an ‘anything goes’ attitude in regards to the action. 

The script for this has been around for a long time. Originally about two regular guys it was drafted and sold to Fox over a decade ago by Marcus Gautesen. After languishing in production hell, it was then rewritten by Role Models scribe Timothy Dowling, only to be updated more recently by turning the best friends into CIA agents, with the help of Mr. And Mrs. Smith writer Simon Kinberg.

Click play below, or alternatively you can download Quicktime HD downloads by clicking here.

This Means War opens in the US and UK on February 17th 2012.

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