The Road To Expo: The King of Eden: Review

Formats: DVD and Blu-Ray

Feature runtime: Approx. 81 mins

Age rating: 15

Features: ‘Movie 1 News Flash,’ ‘Movie 1 Preview’ and TV Spots.
                   Disc 2: Air Communication,  the original series in one film. 

Last London MCM Expo, we recommended this anime film and its prequel series. With October’s Expo just around the corner, we wondered if any of you followed it up this summer. If you’ve seen it, what did you think?
For those of you who haven’t got round to it yet, check out our review below for an idea of what this brilliant title is all about.

Eden of the East: The King of Eden is a feature film following on from the Eden of the East series. Six months have passed and our heroine Saki Morimi is trying to track down her friend Akira Takizawa, who disappeared after saving his country from a missile attack. Of course, the other Seleção continued to play their lethal game in his absence and time is running out for Japan’s beloved ‘Air King.’ 

The film’s runtime stands at just under an hour and a half, so it’s a short feature which unfortunately cuts off just as things are heating up. Because of its brevity, the plot isn’t as in-depth as you’d hope and although all of the Seleção are alluded to, only one previously unknown member (Number Six) is properly revealed. Due to this, the film feels rather like a stepping stone between Eden of the East and the next instalment, Paradise Lost.





, it’s still definitely worth watching. It doesn’t shy away from the romantic subplot and the interactions between Saki and Takizawa are as sweet as ever, which will undoubtedly please fans. Plus it strikes the perfect balance between comedy and drama. There are several humorous exchanges between characters and Saki’s sticky situation at the start of the film (lost in New York with a gun!) is comically reminiscent of the original series’ beginning. Not only this but the tense ‘who’s who?’ guesswork and exciting culminating scene ensure you won’t lose interest.

As usual, the voice-work is fantastic with the original seiyū and voice actors retaining their roles. Refreshingly, the dubbed version is very good so if you like to avoid subtitles then you won’t be disappointed. The animation is also wonderful, especially during a certain ‘explosive’ scene. It’s these moments which make you wish the film was longer!

Not to worry, though, because Paradise Lost is released in the UK next month. 

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