Do’s And Dont’s At The London MCM Expo!

With the weekend quickly approaching, everyone will be looking foward to having fun at the 20th London MCM Expo, but more importantly being safe should be first on your agenda. Listed below are some tips for Expo attendee’s, be it your first time attending, or whether your a veteran. Safety can always be applied to fun.


  • Plan your routes! – Be it a train or a bus, make sure you have the relevant timetables and know where to stop. If you’re travelling via the London Underground then make sure you have a Tube Map. If you’re worried about getting lost, try and travel in a group. If going by taxi, make sure you have booked it in advance, as you may be upset to find they are fully booked on the day!
  • Check for any delays on travel! – It’s always advisable to check all the travel networks, Bus, Train, Coach, and road works in the areas you’re travelling from and to. Many times “works on a line” has popped up out of the blue and will mean planning an alternative route. Being prepared will save you a lot of stress. You can check for travel information on the BBC Travel News site Here, or the National Rail Train services Here!
  • Try to travel light! – Sure cosplay isn’t one of the easiest things for packing suitcases (worse than going on holiday in some cases), but carry the bare essentials. The least amount of luggage you carry, the easier it is to navigate when travelling, and less damage will be done to yourself, your cosplay, and the people around you.
Expo and Cosplayer’s
  • Drink and Eat! – Seem’s silly saying this, but every year will see someone fall ill due to being dehydrated or not eating. To get through a good day at Expo, start the day off with a good breakfast, make sure to have a small bag with you to carry a bottle of water and a small snack. Then make sure to grab lunch and dinner. Not eating and drinking can really ruin your Expo weekend, and make you miss all the fun that’s going on.
  • Personal Hygiene! – How many times have you been to a convention and smelt that person who clearly didn’t know what soap was! Well don’t be that person! Carrying deodorant and body spray, even perfume/aftershave will help make you smell bright, fresh and clean. And who knows, people might even WANT to hug you!
  • NO means NO! – If you have asked a person if they want a “Free Hug” and they say NO, please don’t force them. Same for photographers; if someone says no to having photos taken, please don’t proceed to take a photo. Most cosplayer’s will say yes, and don’t mind the hug or photo. But this is basic respect for cosplayer’s and attendee’s.
  • Glomping is a No Go! – “Glomping” also known as “Running Jumping Hugs” can be very dangerous in most cases. Not only for the person in costume, but also for the person doing the glomping. These are HIGHLY discouraged, and if people are seen to be glomping, security may even ask you to leave the area.
  • Queueing! – The queue for Expo will be huge! Every year the halls, crowds and queues get bigger and bigger, so a little help from attendee’s in respecting others is a big plus; not queue jumping! Being alert of your surroundings is always a bonus, and helps to stop any little mishaps.
  • Out of Hours noise control! – After Expo turfs us all out of its halls, for most people it’s a case of going home. But many stay in the hotels surrounding the ExCel hall. Please take into consideration that this is a public area. We are not the only ones there, and so a little respect will go far.
  • Fur-Suiters and Big Costumes! – These costumes take a lot of personal time and money to make. In many accounts, they are also very awkward to move around in. Be a good Samaritan at the Expo; if you see someone in a fur suit, quad suit or in a generally big costume heading towards you, try and move aside so that they can get past with ease. Their visuals are sometimes impaired, and they will often have a “Walker” with them. But be aware if they are coming, or if they are standing and need a seat. Offering your chair will go a long way. 
To conclude, if you just be aware of your surroundings, are respectful to the people around you, and take care of yourself, you will find that you will have a stress free, safe and fun time at Expo. Do check out the London MCM Expo website and have a great time!
See you at Expo!
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