Mercury Hg Review

Mercury Meltdown is a massively successful title for the PSP. UTV Ignition was onto a winner with the game’s simplicity of sliding around a blob of Mercury through progressively harder courses. Now, five years after the initial game and two Mercury titles later, UTV Ignition has finally released their first HD Mercury title, Mercury Hg.

Who knew that rolling around liquids through obstacles could be so fun? Mercury Hg requires players to navigate their way through courses and obstacles in the shortest possible time whilst losing the least amount of Mercury. You slide around Mercury across a course and since it is a liquid, it controls a lot differently than rolling around a ball. Because a liquid can split up, you can lose your precious Mercury along a course which, in turn, results in a lower score.

The levels range from stupidly easy to moderately hard, with the game’s sharp graphics and high octane techno soundtrack helping to keep your mind in perfect focus with what the game throws at you. Levels can usually be completed in mere seconds but usually you will have to play them multiple times in order to attain the highest score by finding the optimal route. The game has an incessant, “oh just one more try,” way of thinking to it and will eat away your time, especially since it has leaderboards for different types of runs such as “fastest run” and “highest score.” It also allows you to download the ghost of the player to race against you to hone your skills.

The game's graphics are light and vibrant

The game hooks you in, and I embraced it with open arms. Its tricky controls and puzzles left me absolutely enthralled by the creativity of how many things you have to keep track of whilst sliding around a little blob of Mercury. The game is accessible to almost anyone and slowly ramps up the difficulty and complexity as you progress through every level.

I never knew that sliding around shiny grey matter would be so fun! This puzzle title is criminally cheap and is a lot of bang for buck. The leaderboard integration is seamless and damn near impeccable, as is the level design which never felt unfair or impossibly hard. If you’re a fan of the Mercury series, or you’re just looking for a serene break in between the slew of AAA titles coming out, then Mercury Hg is a must buy.

Mercury Hg is out on PSN and XBLA now.

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