Live At Expo: Neon Martian Giveaway And Interview!

MCM Buzz took the time to catch up with Steve from Neon Martian to talk about their hottest products at Expo before they were snatched away by the punters.

Buzz: What will be the hottest products at Expo this October?

Steve:  The hottest products this season would definitely be the Panties And Stockings figures. They’re really hot in Japan right now and have translated really well to the European market. Other really nice products are from already established series such as One Piece which have the added appeal of only being produced in, mostly, single runs. Although these products are already on shelves, new characters have been added which happens every couple of months. This has also been the case with Pokemon with new plushies being added from the latest games in the series. Pokemon will be endlessly popular with fans so it really depends on the product.

It is worth noting at this point that Neon Martian have generously given us some lovely Pokemon plushies to give away at the MCM BUZZ STAGE so come on over and get your hands on them. Remember to follow our Twitter @MCMBuzz for more.

Buzz: What would you say will sell out the quickest over the weekend?

Steve: Based on what people were cosplaying last time, it would definitely be the Panties And Stockings but it depends on what is current in the sense that some series have yet to be released in to form over here. So what is hot now could change when merchandise from new series’ comes through.

One Piece Figures

Buzz: Can fans expect any special offers over the weekend?

Steve: We always do special prices for Expo but we can offer buyers deals depending on how much they buy.

Buzz: If there’s one product which would be your personal favourite what would it be?

Steve: Wow, there’s so many! Ok, for me it would be the range of Square Enix Dissidia figures. Although they’re a trading series, they’re made exceptionally well, are a good size. and a really collectible figures.

Buzz: Wow, very nice indeed! Finally, what brings you back to Expo time and time again?

Steve: Expo continues to bring in the biggest number of people who all come here for the same reason and that is to enjoy the culture and the community of such a huge event dedicated to popular culture, in particular, anime and Japanese culture. It is definitely the best place to be if you love the scene and because Neon Martian import products straight from Japan, it means we are the first place a lot of the fans come at the event which in such uncertain times is so important to our business. It’s encouraging that what can be perceived as a niche market can still attract, say, 40,000 people to a place like Excel. And the great thing about Excel is the fact there’s such a range of punters from old to young. You have families who come down for the whole ‘London’ experience and it’s the younger audience who might want a plushie. You also have the die hard fans who are happy to spend fifty or sixty pounds on highly collectible figures like the One Piece range. The size of the venue is unbeatable too. Expo has grown to an incredible size and hopefully that means that the shelves behind me will be empty by the end of the weekend.

Buzz: Thanks for talking to us and we hope you have a great weekend.

Steve: No problem.

So be sure to check out the Neon Martian stand for the latest in stunning collectible figures and then pop over to the MCM Buzz stage

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