Dynasty Warriors 7 XL Hands on at MCM Expo!

Dynasty Warriors has a pretty notorious reputation between gamers and the games are often scrutinised for their seeming repetitiveness. Personally I’m no stranger to the franchise and enjoy the games and have reviewed quite a few of the company’s other titles. Dynasty Warriors 7 was a massive upgrade for the franchise, but is its sequel Dynasty Warriors 7 XL much different?

As soon as the demo started I headed straight into the heat of battle. Controls are still exactly the same with square for your light attacks, triangle for heavies and circle for your Musou attacks. Combos still do a terrifying amount of damage and kill everyone within a five metre radius. As always it’s immensely satisfying to just rush in and mow down everyone in sight, a polar opposite of Dark Souls (which is also at MCM Expo).

In addition to this are the slew of changes made to the original Dynasty Warriors 7, including several new game modes, three new characters and brand new costumes for all of the original Dynasty Warriors 7 cast. One of the most prominent features of the game is the addition of new abilities such as moving and attacking at the same time, which in turn makes the combat flow and feel even more natural.

When talking Dynasty Warriors and the Musou series in general, people seem to forget the pure visceral nature of the series, the combat is incredibly satisfying. When playing another game that attempts to get the same pure energetic feeling as Dynasty Warriors, or the Musou series, and fails to do so, the true strengths of the series shine through. The game tends to be overlooked as a simple hack ‘n’ slash title but it does what so many other games cannot. Other games lack the punchiness and flow that the Dynasty Warriors and Musou titles have. 

Whether the changes made to Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends justify another full price purchase is yet to be seen. With the brand new modes of play being added, as well as the changes to combat coming into the mix, it does beg the question if Tecmo Koei should have put the new features in as DLC or a patch for the game, much like Capcom does with Street Fighter IV or how PQube does with Blazblue. Right now, a couple of new modes and costume changes does not constitute a full priced purchase for Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends is out on November 18th, exclusively on the PS3. You can also try the game out for yourself at the MCM Expo this weekend at the Tecmo Koei booth.

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