Season 2 Secrets At The Teen Wolf Panel!

Today was the first panel at MCM Expo of Teen Wolf, the hit teen horror- comedy television hit series and the first original drama from MTV, which concluded the first season in the UK only weeks ago. The stars of the show were here to give us some behind the scenes information and some exciting hints at the new series which will air in 2012.

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), ‘Stiles’ Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) and Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) entered the packed MCM Theatre to take their seats amidst screams and applause. Immediately, we got the sense that this was a trio of close friends, hanging out and having fun with the fans. During the panel, there is always someone in hysterics. There is an easy chemistry between them, full of banter and they interact with the audience happily.

Dylan O’Brien: “We just met and fell in love. In all seriousness we all hit it off really quick.”

He later pleased fan-girls and joked (?) about a deleted scene where Scott and Stiles make out…

The fan-base for Teen Wolf has already reached obsessive levels, with Jill Wagner revealing that fans had gone so far as to shape their teeth in to fangs! It was this level of excitement for the show at this year’s Comic- Con in San Diego where Tyler says he realised they were a hit. You get the feeling this is something they have become accustomed to however and they don’t seem fazed by it at all.

You also get the feeling that minus the fur and teeth, there’s not much difference between who we see on screen and off. Perfect casting then but the job didn’t come without its challenges. The endless prosthetics was a new experience for Tyler and the new feeling of wearing contact lenses was particularly weird at first. The actor, who has been putting hard time in at the gym to bulk up for the role, is clearly enjoying the part and is looking forward to being “more mature” in his lupin form in Season 2, with the possibility of using his powers for the forces of good. He added that although Scott will definitely be enjoying his powers this time around, he is still searching for a cure after the only one known to him at the end of Season 1 was killed in the final episode.

And speaking of the final episode, what happened to Lydia (Holland Roden)? It has been confirmed that she will return but no-one is saying what form. Kate Argent fans were given a potential relief too as the character looks set to return in Season 2 albeit in the form of flashbacks which were prevalent in the first season. She feels she related to a lot of the “strong qualities” in Kate, her favourite scene being a certain scene with Derek whose abs she described as “salty!” Not surprising after a bit of torture…

Jill Wagner: “Maybe we’ll see some of her back-story in a flashback or something. She could be a vampire or an alien or something, I don’t know. Maybe it will be a dream sequence…”

Another dream rests in the head of Dylan O’Brien, who famously turned down the offer from frenemy, Derek Hale to become a werewolf confessing that he would love to become one, “if only for a day. Or (riffing off of Jill) in a dream sequence!” For Stiles though, he says that the character would not turn as he “feels responsible” for Scott and wants to look out for him. The labour of prosthetics won’t be an issue for him then, describing how the most difficult thing he’s put through is a shaven head and a shoulder massage!

Regarding the hit movie starring Michael J. Fox, on which the series is based, Tyler says he’s a big fan of the film calling it “unique, funny and entertaining,” which are just some of the reasons why the 1985 classic built such a following. Dylan however said he had never seen the film before, which we can forgive him for, having been born six years after its release.

Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall, an ordinary high school teenager who is transformed into a werewolf, turning his life upside down although not always for the worst… It’s dark, entertaining and a fantastic show.

Season 2 of Teen Wolf will be broadcast in 2012 on Sky Living in the UK and MTV in the States.

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