Stalls at MCM Expo: Rubbertoe Rayguns

MCM Expo always has a wide array of dealers selling their wares and one that really stood out was an expo newcomer; Rubbertoe Rayguns. Their titular products are all handmade, and in addition to ray guns, the company’s owner Nick Robatto has an interesting past as a prop maker who has worked for the BBC and made Matt Smith’s sonic screwdriver.

Nick Robatto is at his stall at MCM Expo selling handmade, very high quality props such as steampunk style watches, goggles and even rockets! Each piece is finely cast out of metal and they are all weighty and robust, unlike many other manufacturers since each one is hand made and painted. If you ask nicely Nick may even be able to do custom commissions.

Rubbertoe Rayguns hopes to expand their business year on year with Nick Robatto hoping to create a unique personality for their wide array of guns and accessories. On their site,, they have written backstories for each of the guns that they have on sale and Nick has expressed interest in making a comic to go with the canon that they have written for the guns.

This is Rubbertoe Rayguns’ first Expo, and with the showing that they currently have, it looks to be a cracker!




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