Street Fighter X Tekken MCM Expo hands on

Street Fighter X Tekken is a game that’s attracting a lot of attention. After over ten years of being two of the most popular series’ in fighting, Street Fighter and Tekken have finally been merged into one game and it offers awesome results.

Capcom are the guys behind developing Street Fighter X Tekken and it shows in the game’s 2D style. Characters such as Ryu and Ken will be instantly familiar to anyone that has played a Street Fighter game before, whereas Tekken characters will take a bit of getting used to as they make the transition from their 3D world.

Sidestepping is of course not possible in the game, but familiar moves such as Kazuya’s sweep kicks are present in the game and have been animated onto the 2D plain perfectly. Another fear for Tekken characters was that they’d be overwhelmed by fireballs from the likes of Ryu, Ken and Sagat, but there’s no problems there either as they manage to overcome their lack of fireballs thanks to a dash ability which lets them go straight through.

I’ve barely managed to even scratch the surface when it comes to the depth of the game. Street Fighter X Tekken has a lot of techniques to utilize and it will take no small amount of practice to become a master at the game. You have three super bars to fill when fighting, and these can be used in various different damage dealing ways, including EX attacks (stronger versions of specials), cross rushes and super combos. Another mechanic added to the game recently is known as “Pandora.” This technique gives you the ability to sacrifice one of your characters when your health gets below 25% in order to turn your second character into a glowy purple powerhouse. Much like “X factor” in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Pandora can be devasting when in the right hands. The power must be used carefully however as you will only be given around eight seconds to use it before the effect wears off and your second character collapses causing you to lose.

Battles in Street Fighter X Tekken are fast-paced and fun. There’s always a lot of action on screen due to the multitude of characters in play, and the animated backgrounds mean that the fighters aren’t the only thing worth seeing.

According to Capcom PR, Adam Merrett, details on the game’s story mode are still unknown and the total number of characters to be revealed is a secret, but, “If you think they should be in, they are.”

It really is great to see characters from both universes on the same playing field and they fit together extremely well. Capcom have clearly put a lot of effort into the characters on both sides and it shows in everything from their animations to their winning quotes – each of which are character specific depending on who fought. The game brings together two passionate communities and the general opinion at the MCM Expo at least is that the game is brilliant and people can’t wait for more.

Street Fighter X Tekken is released onto the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 across Europe on the 9th of March 2012, with Playstation Vita and PC releases at a later date.


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