Tokyopop at London MCM Expo

Having closed their US publishing operations back in May, the demise of Tokyopop means that this might be the last time we’ll see them here at London MCM Expo.

“Once the Tokyopop stocks gone… no, there won’t be a Tokyopop stand,” said Andrew Whelan, the company’s head of sales and marketing. “This is essentially all we’ve got left in the warehouse, give or take a couple of thousand books. Once this is gone, there will be no more Tokyopop, because there will be no more Tokyopop stock!”

Because of the closure, a number of ongoing Manga series’ owned by Tokyopop came to an abrupt end. However there appears to be hope as other publishers pick up the licences that are now available. “It’s just starting to happen now,” cited Wheelan. “Viz have signed up Loveless this week as a series, so that’s a good start.” Only eight volumes of Loveless were originally released through Tokyopop. “I envision over the next year or so that most of your big series’ like Fruits Basket, Alice in the Country of Hearts and Hetalia, they’ll find new homes with
various different publishers.”

There is an extremely long row of tables here at Expo, lined with numerous Tokyopop Manga. “People are still asking for the old favourites,” said Wheelan, “like Fruits Basket, Chibi Vampire, V.B. Rose, Loveless. We’ve still got a few volumes of all of those. Alice in the Country of Hearts as well. My personal favourite is Priest, but we haven’t got any of that left now.”

One of the reasons why their Manga is selling fast at the Expo is because of the huge reduction in price. “Most of the stuff we’ve got, it’s all reduced to just £2.50 now, or five for £10,” said Wheelan. “That’s the best bargain we’ve got going this weekend.” What this means for Manga fans is that if there are any volumes you’re missing out on, or you’d like to give a new series a read, now would be the perfect time to buy.

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