Freema Agyeman talk at Memorabilia

The Memorabilia stage was teeming with sci-fi fans earlier as Freema Agyeman took to the stage for her first ever Expo talk. The actress behind roles such as Martha Jones in Doctor Who and Torchwood, and Alesha Phillips in Law & Order, arrived to a warm welcome with a smile on her face.

Fans wasted no time in questioning the former Tardis traveller, but not before she aped around with a cheeky cosplayer!

A cosplayer approaches Freema at the stage

Freema couldn’t stress enough how much of a great time she had on Doctor Who, but, “A massive part of the show is change” she says. “I fully support Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.”

That won’t stop her from reappearing on the show if asked though. When asked about returning to Doctor Who she brings up former companion Elisabeth Sladen a.k.a Sarah-Jane Smith. “Never say never” says Freema, “I don’t know how many years there was between her appearances, but there’s always a way back, it’s the glory of sci-fi.” She later added, “I’d like Martha to be riding a horse if she comes back, that looks fun.”

As for now Freema is happy to continue working in TV. She said, “Filming in the Globe theatre for “The Shakespeare code” is one of the highlights of working on Doctor Who for me, but it hasn’t quite sparked a need to be on stage.”

The next question takes us back to her earliest Doctor Who moments as Martha Jones’ cousin in the “Army of Ghosts” episode. Freema tells us about how the executive producers of the show approached her after filming to introduce themselves and offer her an audition for Torchwood, but it wasn’t until much later that she realised they had a different idea in mind for her. When she did get offered the part of The Doctor’s companion, Freema didn’t hesitate to take it, as, “being a part of a show like Doctor Who is such a brilliant opportunity.”

When asked about her opinion on why Martha may have received a lot of hate from viewers, she said that it’s a tough act following someone like Billie Piper as Rose Tyler who was extremely loved. Freema was also sure to mention that she didn’t actually write the character of Martha Jones, and that it’s her job to simply “play what’s written on the paper.” That said, she wouldn’t tell a writer to change something about a character as she doesn’t feel that it’s her place to.

With regards to the Martha/Mickey relationship from her last appearance on the show, Freema knows just as much about how they got married and what happened to Martha’s previous husband as we do, “The reason that Russell (T Davies) did it was because he liked the idea of Martha’s surname being Smith-Jones because her first appearance was in the episode called “Smith and Jones.” She added: “It’s not because she can’t keep a man!”

Looking to the future (without the use of a Tardis mind you), Freema said that she’d love to have a magic power/mutant ability such as flight in a show one day. She also toyed with the idea of shaving her head and appearing on a horse in something like the Conan the Destroyer movie – it seems that she has no small desire to ride a horse on screen someday.

According to Freema, her current role as Alesha Phillips in Law and Order requires much less physical activity (like running) and imagination when filming than Doctor Who and Torchwood as there are no monsters to fear.

When not on our screens, Freema admits that she doesn’t think she has any hidden talents like singing, but she’ll always take part in karaoke regardless and let others be the judge. The fame doesn’t seem to have hit Freema as hard as David Tennant, who was overwhelmed by the public on occasion with Doctor Who, however she will often be at the shops and wonder why people are staring at her before she remembers that she’s on TV – her initial reaction is: “Is there something on my face?”

If there’s one thing that Freema made clear at her talk today, it’s that she loved her time on Doctor Who and would gladly appear in the show again, 50th anniversary or otherwise. Whether or not we actually will be seeing more of Martha Jones in Doctor Who is still unknown, however fans may get more chances to meet Freema herself as she told us that she had a great time at Memorabilia and would love to meet more fans in the future… and that doesn’t mean at the end of the universe!

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