Ninja Gaiden 3 Demo and Q&A

The Gamespot stage was host to a number of upcoming games throughout Saturday, the second day of the MCM Expo. One of these being Ninja Gaiden 3

Hosted by two developers from Tecmo Koei, Ninja Gaiden 3 is the first title in the Ninja Gaiden series to be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 simultaniously. One of the representatives stated in this demo presentation that Ninja Gaiden 3 will see a few alterations to the series. It will also see the return of Ryu Hayabusa as the main character. The first of these being that players will learn the consequences of cutting down an enemy. They will be led to feel compassion for those who plead for their lives, and the consequences and guilt of being forced to kill them regardless.

The game seems to be steering away from the previous comic book style gore that the series relished in previously. Ninja Gaiden 3 allows players to cut straight into an enemy rather than merely slice at them, which, as you may have probably guessed, results in a lot more gore. The demo was definitely not lacking in this department, as viewers observed the main character slicing enemies completely in half, both horizontally and vertically. Players will occasionally be given the choice to kill or spare enemies, which adds in a new element of choice to the gameplay.

After a long time of hacking and slashing through a hoard of enemies, we were shown the end of level boss. This demonstrated one of the many quicktime events that have been scattered throughout the game, and involved escaping a tank’s path of destruction. We were told that the quicktime events were only on screen in this instance because it was a tutorial style demo, but the representative did go on to state that quicktime events will make it into the main game once it has been completed, such as during killing an enemy, because apparently, this “gives a feeling of actually chopping the Katana through bones.”

Ninja Gaiden tournament

After this, the demo presents the stealth aspect of the game, where Hayabusa must avoid lasers, and sneak up on enemies from behind to perform stealth kills. This preview was very brief, and quickly we were shown the final boss, which appeared to be a spider-like vehicle. We were shown that this boss can be defeated by cutting off its legs and promptly making it explode. 

The first level which was demoed here in this Gamespot panel was set in London, but Ninja Gaiden 3 will feature a globe-trotting storyline, where plenty of other countries will be presented. However, no other levels have been revealed so far, so the exact locations are unknown at this time.

The Gamespot presenter questioned the Tecmo Koei representative about why Hayabusa’s arm occasionally glows red. The answer that was given states that the more people you kill allows for a super attack to build up. Once it has filled the bar, this super attack can be activated, which causes a huge amount of damage to the surrounding enemies. Enemies will often get scared and beg for their life, where the decision to kill or spare the enemy comes in. 

Once the demo had been completed, the Q&A session began, allowing fans to ask questions about this upcoming game. First off, the representative stated that there will be a variety of different death animations for the enemies, depending on the attack that has been used by Hayabusa. After being questioned on the inclusion of Hayabusa once again, he stressed that players will “feel more of [Hayabusa’s] journey” and gain a “stronger sense of empathy” than previous titles. More gamey elements have been removed to make it more seamless and believable, and the rechargable healthbar of the previous games has been ditched, although it does recharge during Hayabusa’s super attack.

It was confirmed that most of the team from the previous Ninja Gaiden games returned to work on Ninja Gaiden 3, but they all agreed to refresh the series. Straight after this, some audience members battled it out on the Hard Mode to see who can last the longest, for a number of prizes. One lucky fan, dressed in Naruto cosplay, dominated this competition. 

Ninja Gaiden 3 will be released on PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii U sometime in 2012.

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