Soul Calibur V Demo and Q&A

Namco Bandai took to the Gamespot stage on day two of London’s MCM Expo to present to participants the latest trailer of Soul Calibur V. The demo was presented by Namco Bandai representative Lauren, who announced that this is the first time they have showed the game with guest character Ezio in England.

Ezio, familiar as the protagonist in Assassins Creed II: Brotherhood and the upcoming Revelations, was recently revealed by Namco Bandai as the special guest character in Soul Calibur V. Previously fans have been treated to characters such as The Legend of Zelda’s Link. Ezio will make an appearance in both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions when the game is released.

Before the demo was shown, Ezio’s announcement trailer was played, which fitted in nicely with the accompanying demo play using Ezio on Ezio’s own level – the Venice Rooftops. Lauren from Namco Bandai stated that they chose Ezio as the guest character for Soul Calibur V because he has “lots of different weapons”, including the longsword, his hidden gun and blade, and a crossbow. As Soul Calibur’s combat is largely weapons based in conjunction with the punches, this allowed the team to play around with a multitude of weapon-based combos. The demo’s players demonstrated Ezio’s unblockable and crossbow attacks, both of which cause substantial damage to the opponent.

All characters will have Brave Edge and Critical Edge attacks in Soul Calibur V, but audience members were unfortunately not able to be shown a large variety of characters in combat as the game has not been completed yet. Lauren went on to announce that this latest edition to the Soul Calibur series is “trying to return to what made Soul Calibur so special,” so the combat plays much faster than what was seen in Soul Calibur IV. The game is also set 17 years into the future, so a lot of the older characters are not present, but their children are. We were then shown a fight between new characters Patroklos and Pyrrha.

This Soul Calibur demo presentation ended with a tournament in which fans competed to win the grand prize of a bundle of games, and a print of long-standing character Nightmare. It was an impressive demo, which served as promoting Assassin Creed’s Ezio rather than the game in its entirety, but it definitely showed that Namco Bandai are off to a promising start on their latest beat-em-up. Soul Calibur V is due for release sometime in early 2012. 

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