Interview with Squid Bits’ Jessica Bradley

Jess Bradley was one of the many artists around during the past weekend at London’s Mcm Expo. Kayleigh Powis managed to grab a chat with her at Comic Village.
Kayleigh Powis: Hey Jess! Tell us a little about yourself!
Jess Bradley: “Hello! I’m an illustrator, character designer and geeky sort from Bristol. From my stall, you can probably tell that I like comics and video games a lot!”
Kayleigh: So, how’s the Expo been for you so far?
Jess: “Amazing! I can’t believe how busy it is! Already I’ve met so many awesome people and I’m having a whale of a time!”
Kayleigh: What’s been your most popular purchase?
Jess: “My “Tea Is A Rather Spiffing Beverage” prints, badges and key rings. A lot of people at this con have great taste in their liquid intake. Anything Legend of Zelda based has also been very popular. I try to put my own spin on it so hopefully people like that stuff because it’s slightly different too!”
Kayleigh: You’ve got Jurassic Dorks coming up soon! Could you tell MCM Buzz a little bit about this?
Jess: “It’s a show involving 5 very talented artists…and then me! We’re doing an A-Z Of The 80s Exhibition so if you come along, no doubt you’ll be transported back to your childhood if you were an 80s kid like we all were. If not, it’ll still be a chance to see lots of awesome artwork and maybe some old toys from your childhood too!”
Kayleigh: Have you had the chance to check out the rest of the Expo? If so, what have you enjoyed looking at?
Jess: “I managed a quick round of the Comic Village and picked up some books from my favourite small press artists (Naniiebim, Hoshii Channel, Lizz Lizz). I could barely get away from the table but I’ve enjoyed some of the very original and down-right weird costumes people have come up with this year.”
Kayleigh: What’s been the best, or craziest, cosplay that’s visited your stall?
Jess: “My day was made when Tingle from The Legend of Zelda series and The King Of All Cosmos from the Katamari Damacy series very kindly let me have a photo with them. Sometimes I can be such a fan girl! I’m a bit behind on my Anime and Manga at the moment so some of the costumes go right over my head. I’m thinking of doing cosplay next year but have a very left-field costume planned – we’ll see how many people get it!”
If you didn’t get a chance to catch Jess at the comic village section of the MCM Expo over the weekend, you can check out her art, and purchase her work from her Squid-Bits websiteJurassic Dorks is an exhibition running from the 8th to the 15th December 2011 at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. 
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