Interview with artist James Stayte

James Stayte was one of the many artists making up the excellent Comic Village section of last weekends MCM Expo in London. Now that the Expo is over, MCM BUZZ reporter Kayleigh Powis caught up with him to find out how his weekend in the Comic Village was for him.


Kayleigh Powis: Hey James! So what art do you specialise in?

James Stayte: “Hey! I work as a freelance illustrator by day, but I’ve also produced a comic book and I draw a web-comic called Monkey Man written by the incredibly funny Brian Lynch.”

Kayleigh: You partnered up with John-Paul Bove, who’s digitally coloured your drawings. How was that?

James: “Its pretty amazing. I enjoy colouring my stuff, but sometimes I feel like it’s missing something that really makes it pop. JP has that “POP!” He’s coloured a few pieces of mine so far and he’s got an amazing, textured style that really takes my line work to another level. He truly is the Master Of The Universe (of colouring!)”

Kayleigh: How was the response to your stall? Did you notice that a certain print has been selling the most?

James: “The response was great. It was awesome to see so many people getting a kick out of the pictures. I think my Shaun Of The Dead print was the most popular; it seemed to make everyone chuckle as they walked past!”

Kayleigh: A large part of the Expo was the cosplaying. Were there any that visited your stall, and if so, could you name a few of your favourites?

James:  “I saw a lot of girls dressed as Link and it’s forever changed my perception of him! The most memorable cosplayer I met was a guy dressed as Hunk from Resident Evil. When he looked at my prints a big glob of something dripped out of his gas mask on to my table. Now I have a cold. Coincidence? T-Virus.”

Kayleigh: Any advice for budding Comic Village participants for next time?

James: “I think it’s cool to get your comic out there, people seemed really enthusiastic and happy to try new things, even more so than at other cons, but I also think it’s good to give people your spin on characters they know and love. A little original work and some fan art too seems a good tactic.”

Kayleigh: So, the next MCM Expo will be in May. Will you be setting up camp in Comic Village once again?

James: “I hope so yeah, I’ve got a couple of ideas for some cool prints that I think people will really like.”

Kayleigh: And finally, now that the dust has settled, what are you planning to do now that the London MCM Expo is over for another year?

James: “Next for me is the Jurassic Dorks: A-Z of the 80s art exhibition in Bristol. Me, John-Paul Bove, Jess Bradley and our friends, Mark Pearce and Dylan Cook have been working on stuff for the last couple of months and we can’t wait to start the show!”

If you missed James Stayte at October’s MCM Expo, fear not. His art can be found at his website,

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