WWE’12 Mega Update! Lesnar, Features, DLC and more! Oh my!

So with the release date almost upon us for THQ’s WWE’12, news has been emerging from the hallowed halls of THQ and developer Yukes as to what we can expect from this latest edition to their WWE games line up. In fact, so much news has emerged that we here at the MCM Buzz decided to give you some of the best bits in the form of a mega update.


Starting first with some DLC announcements, Buzz readers may remember that some time ago we guessed that one of the DLC packs would not only contain Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, but also his fellow commentators Michael Cole and good ole JR, Jim Ross. Well flash forward three months and THQ have confirmed that this is the case. But that’s not all fans can expect from this DLC as THQ have also confirmed that they’ll get Edge and Christian in their classic tag team attires, alternate outfits for legends The Road Warriors, and last but never least, Shawn Michaels will be part of this pack, sporting his 1997 Survivor Series attire especially for the occasion. Sound good to you? Well that’s not all, as unusually THQ has announced their second DLC pack already and it is a pack that would certainly please the aforementioned Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, as this one is all about the Divas!

This pack continues with the theme of adding legends to the WWE’12 DLC roster by allowing fans to play as the legendary diva and Tough Enough trainer Trish Stratus. Joining her will be the Bella Twins, Vickie Guerrero and the diva of destruction, Karma. Plus, as a special treat for fans who purchase this pack, THQ have announced that they will be giving them WWE Diva Alicia Fox for FREE!! Okay not the actual Alicia Fox but a DLC version of her WWE character.

But how much will all of this DLC cost and when is it coming out I hear you ask? Well DLC pack one will be released in November shortly after the game’s release, with DLC pack two following on in December. In terms of pricing, once again there are two ways fans can buy. The first being the usual method of buying them each individually (with each item being 80 MS points or $0.99 on PSN), or fans can opt once again to buy the Fan Axxess pass (costing 960 MS points or $11.99), allowing them to get all the DLC upon release, working out at a saving of 25%!  Tough choice, but whichever option you decide to take it might be a good idea to start saving those pennies in preparation!

Here Comes The Pain!

Following the recent announcement of his inclusion in the WWE’12 roster, Brock Lesnar has come clean about his time in the WWE and his thoughts on being in WWE’12 in an exclusive interview for THQ. The interview is conducted by Lesnar’s long term friend and supporter Paul Heyman and can be viewed below. One of the most controversial points raised is when Lesnar claims that WWE Hall Of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, was scared of meeting him in the squared circle, an admission I am sure that will spur fans on to create the match upon the game’s release.

For the complete video press play below.

WWE’12 Avatar Items

Keeping in line with past games, THQ have also announced a staggering 21 unique XBOX 360 avatar items that fans will be able to purchase to help them celebrate the release of WWE’12. The items, all of which are available now from the Xbox Live Marketplace, range in price from 160 to 320 points. For a complete list of what you can purchase, see below:

  • John Cena Outfit (T-Shirt, Wristbands, Hat) – male and female – 320 Microsoft Points
  • CM Punk “Best in the World” T-Shirt – male and female – 240 Microsoft Points
  • The Miz “I’m Awesome” T-Shirt – male and female – 240 Microsoft Points
  • The Rock “Team Bring It” T-Shirt – male and female – 240 Microsoft Points
  • Sin Cara Outfit (Full Body, Mask) – male and female – 320 Microsoft Points
  • Goldust Outfit (Full Body) – male and female – 320 Microsoft Points
  • Alberto Del Rio “Luxury Car” – 240 Microsoft Points
  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “Smoking Skull WWE Title” – 240 Microsoft Points
  • Money in the Bank Briefcase – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler Crown – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Rey Mysterio Mask – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Legion of Doom Outfit – male and female – 320 Microsoft Points

So if like me you can’t wait to see how your avatar would look with Alberto Del Rio’s “Luxury Car,” or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s “Smoking Skull WWE Title,” then head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace now and start spending those points to find out.

WWE’12 Game Features!

Our last item in this mega update is all about, and please excuse the pun, the game. As THQ have finally lifted the lid on some of the features and exciting things that fans will be able to do when they play WWE’12. Believe me when I say that some of them are things that fans have wanted to see in a WWE game for a long time.

Firstly as part of the WWE’12 create-an-entrance mode, fans will now be able to fully customise how their custom character is introduced by the ring announcer. Players now have the option to stitch together a string of four audio clips in order to create that perfect superstar name and what’s more they have a choice of nearly 600 clips to pick from!

The next change to the game involves WWE Championship matches, which in previous years have only been able to happen at WWE pay per views, a move which had WWE gamers screaming at their screens. Now for WWE’12, that option is back in our hands as we can decide to have Championship matches whenever we like, be it on Raw, Smackdown or even WWE Superstars, meaning that no in game champion will be safe for long thus adding to the realism THQ are trying to achieve.

Speaking of realism, and another change that fans can find in the WWE Universe mode this year, there’s the inclusion of the WWE Draft! Traditionally held each year in the WWE after Wrestlemania, it’s designed to shake up the rosters of the WWE shows. WWE Draft takes place after you have played one year in the Universe mode and could see your character moved from Smackdown to Raw without you having any choice in the matter. Granted you can move your characters between brands in the options menu, but when you consider that this is being added as a game mode, it certainly looks like THQ are striving to make the WWE Universe more playable and as close to a WWE experience as possible.

Remaining with realism, another area that THQ have re-introduced in the game after a very, very long absence is that of injuries. In past WWE games, when your opponent sustained injuries or was attacked in a cutscene, no damage was ever seemingly done. This has now changed, as this year not only will your character actually sustain an injury but players are also given the opportunity to injure others by either performing numerous finishers on an opponent or utilising one of the many weapons found in the game. This addition certainly promises to have devastating effects not only when playing in WWE Universe mode but also when playing against friends or family members.

The next new addition combines a feature we mentioned in a previous story, creating your own arena with the WWE Universe mode to produce the awesome Create-A-Show mode. Simply put, fans can replace almost any show on the WWE Universe calendar with one they have created and in doing this you can not only create your own arena for it, but also assign to it the WWE Superstars and Championships of your choice!  Sounds incredible doesn’t it? This mode certainly seems to add a creative aspect to a WWE game and takes it to a whole new level. Although it is worth noting that this mode doesn’t allow you to replace the WWE Superstars show, as this one has a mixture of both Raw and Smackdown stars on it and as such has no titles associated to it, like say Raw or Smackdown does. Frankly this is a fair point and a small, if not insignificant, price to pay for this incredible new addition to the WWE gaming universe.

Finally in this roundup comes news of the list of WWE Championships that players will be able to compete for when the game hits shelves and once again the list features a mixture of current and classic WWE Championships. So to find out whether your favourite Championship has been included, click on the picture below and before you read the list of what is what, see how many you can name.


1. Hardcore Championship 2. Million Dollar Championship 3. Unified WWE Tag Team Championship 4. ECW Championship 5. Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship 6. Champion of Champions Title 7. Classic WWE Intercontinental Championship 8. WWE Light Heavyweight Championship 9. WWE Intercontinental Championship 10. Undisputed Championship 11. Classic ECW Championship 12. European Championship 13. WCW Championship 14. WWE Championship (WCW spray-painted) 15. World Heavyweight Championship (WCW spray-painted) 16. WWE Championship 17. World Heavyweight Championship 18. WWE Tag Team Championship 19. World Tag Team Championship 20. Cruiserweight Championship 21. Women’s Championship 22. United States Championship 23. Divas Championship

So that is the end of our WWE’12 Mega Update and from the looks of it THQ and Yukes are definitely upping the stakes for this game. If all goes to plan, this title will certainly be bigger, badder and better then all those before it.

WWE’12 is available on XBOX 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii from November 25th.

Sources: THQ

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