Shinhwa to make a Comeback? Jun Jin Returns!

Back in 1998, six young men debuted under SM Entertainment with the name “Shinhwa” (Korean meaning Legend/Myths). Consisting of three rappers and three vocalists named EricMin Woo, Dong Wan, Hye Sung, Jun Jin and Andy, the boys didn’t get recognised until they broke through in the music market mid 2000 with the release of their third album, Only One. That year Shinhwa won the SBS Gayo Popularity Award, KMTV Song Bonsang Award, and the Popular Singers Award. Along with a whole new look and music style, the boys practised hard with a revised style of dancing, influenced by the popular American groups such as Nsync and Backstreet Boys

Towards the end of 2002, Shinhwa made history in the Korean music industry by becoming the longest-running Korean boy band with the release of their sixth album, Wedding. After their contract with SM Entertainment ended, the boys were offered to sign up with them again for another few years, but Shinhwa decided to sign up with Good Entertainment instead. It wasn’t all smooth running though, as the band went to court to keep their name, which they won and duly moved from SM Entertainment to Good Entertainment. Because the contract with Good Entertainment did not begin until 2004, the members all went their different ways during 2003 and created solo careers for themselves.

After a small hiatus the Shinhwa boys renewed their contracts with Good Entertainment for another three years, and celebrated their 8th anniversary in 2006, making them, yet again, the longest running band in Korea. 2007 saw the members expand their solo activities even further, including leaving Shinhwa‘s management company to start their own: M Rising (Min Woo), New Dream Entertainment (Andy), JF Story Entertainment (Jun Jin), H2 Entertainment (Dong Wan), and Top Class Entertainment (Eric).

During 2008 – 2010 each one of the members enlisted in the military for their mandatory serving period and on November 14th it was time for Jun Jin to be discharged. He was greeted by hundreds of fans who had gathered an hour before his release to show their still strong and ever growing support for the Shinhwa members. Jun Jin’s labelmates The Boss were also present to welcome him back.

There wont be much time for Jun Jin to rest, as he is going straight into the deep end with the filming of Arirang TV’s “Miricle” and being the MC for November 26th’s ‘Open World Festival in Tokyo’. After Jun JinLee Min Woo will be the only Shinhwa member left in the arm. Having entered at the start of 2010, he will be out sometime next year, whilst member Andy was released earlier this year. There had also been rumours spreading through the Kpop fandom of Shinhwa returning as a group once all the members have completed their activities, and with the announcement of a ‘Come Back Concert‘ being held in March 2012, fans are completely over the moon.

So, what are your feelings? Do you think it is time they concentrated on producing music instead? Are you a supporter looking forward to seeing what they are going to bring to the music industry this time around? It seems that the Shinhwa boys are definitely going to give the new groups a run for their money, and with many companies spreading their wings, and the hallyu wave spreading worldwide, Shinhwa could be a even bigger hit now than when they started out back in the good old days of Kpop. Below is Shinhwa‘s music video Brand New, showing just how influencial their music, style and skills have been to the Kpop stars of today.

Source: Allkpop

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