Super Junior Dominates Seoul For Super Show 4

Kpop stars Super Junior kicked off the first concert of their world tour this past weekend at the Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. They managed to attract a crowd of over 20,000 people on both November 19th and 20th, with fans travelling from as far as England, France, America and all across Asia, just to watch the boys on their home turf.

Super Junior performed on a giant 20-meter-long moving stage. The use of treadmills, fireman lifts, bungee lines, and amazing visuals on three huge television screens enabled the show to have a wow factor one has grown accustomed to with the name Super Junior. A new addition to this wow factor, was the use of fountains around the main stage. Although used as a fantastic visual for the concert, it seems the boys also saw it as a chance to interact with the crowds, and spray water over the many standing fans.

With previous Super Show concerts, the vocals of the members are shown through solo stages, but this time it wasn’t just their singing abilities that were pushed to the max. Leader Leeteuk hit the stage with a saxophone and then swapped the instrument for a piano, earning him the name of ‘Angelic Mozart’. He then proceeded to serenade fans, singing Elvis Costello‘s Notting Hill OST song “She“. Super JuniorM’s Henry bought F(x)’s Amber on stage to sing his rendition of Justin Bieber‘s “Baby“. Ryeowook took the crowds by complete surprise, smashing his innocent and childish look for a very manly performance, singing Maroon 5‘s “Moves Like Jagger“. He was surrounded by scantily clad female dancers, and showed off his newfound stomach abs.

Special guests this time was down to label mates F(x), to sing their collaborated song “OOPs!”. A key point to their collaboration was not the dance routines, or the funny elements thrown into the song, but when current member Kim Heechul came up on the big screens to sing his part only to have all the members on the stage turn and salute the screen. For those that don’t know, Kim Heechul enlisted into the army just after the release and promotions of Super Junior’s 5th Album “Mr. Simple”, and is currently serving in the Public Service sector. 

Another amazing part of the concert that definitely needs a mention is Super Junior‘s cover of the song “Do Re Mi”, taken from the hit movie “The Sound Of Music”. There cannot be a Super Show concert if there isn’t at least one performance where you look and think, “What am I watching? Are these men really idols?” Do Re Mi showcased a sense of humour that would make all the fan girls quiver and all the fan boys laugh at how ridiculous they looked.

During their performance of “Pyjama Party” the audience was graced with the display of the boys in their new cosplay costumes! Some are a sight for sore eyes, where as others had you in fits of laughter. Leader Leeteuk wore a muscle suit and became pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. Youngest Maknae Kyuhyun donned normal geeky looking clothes, carried an apple and became the late Steve Jobs. Donghae along with the help of a bowler hat and cane became silent film actor Charlie Chaplin. Wearing a blue flight assistants dress and wig Shindong magically changed into Britney Spears from her music video “Toxic”. Keeping in with the themes Siwon didnt have to dress up too much and wore a Superman suit, while the movie character Chucky obviously had a impact on Yesung, as he was running around in his outfit scaring members with a fake knife. Eunhyuk was supposed to be a character of some kind, but myself and fans alike will just stick with him being either a chicken, or a white swan. Last but not least Ryeowook, who decided to dress up as Lord Of The Rings Gollum.

The concert lasted over four hours, with over 40 songs, starting with their intro song of “Superman” and showcasing songs from all five of their albums, ending with all the members of Super Junior (Including Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi and Henry) singing “Destiny”. For Leeteuk this is a very special concert, as he announced during one of their talking sessions with the fans, that he will be enlisting in the army for his mandatory two year service some time in 2012.

During a press conference for their concert, leader Leeteuk described what direction they were going for with the concert: “What’s special about this performance is the style we used to set up the stage. We took the idea of the “continental drift theory” and used it to create our own “stage lift theory”. Up till now, we have had performances where we were lifted up into the air. This time, however, the stage itself will move around, which will make this show even more spectacular.” He carried on, saying, “If you listen to the lyrics of our song “Superman“, there’s a part that says ‘Our scale is the best’. To make those words come true, we will bring Korea a performance that has never been seen before.

Having concluded their concerts in Seoul, Super Junior will be heading to Osaka, Japan for shows on December 10th and 11th. We are currently waiting for the rest of the venues and dates, but it was announced Europe, America and the rest of Asia will have a Super Show Concert.

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