Milla Jovovich tweets action details from Resident Evil: Retribution

Milla Jovovich has been very vocal on Twitter, using her account to update fans with progress on her current film, Resident Evil: Retribution.

She has been quite descriptive on what is being shot and has uploaded plenty of pictures and behind the scenes videos. Most notably was the first appearance of Jovovich and Bingbing Li in costume as Alice and Ada Wong. It’s quite rare to find someone working on a film offering this level of insight and interaction to their fans, so any information she shares is certainly welcome. Also, she has so far (and rather amazingly) been careful not to give away anything that would be classed a spoiler, with Jovovich recently tweeting, “gotta b careful abt the vids n pics now, too much info. But there will b a lot of rad footage 4 the DVD that I’m filming!

Over the weekend Jovovich tweeted details about an intense car chase sequence involving a Rolls Royce, which appears to have taken a number of days to shoot. It started on Thursday with this:

Well it’s been crazy 2day here at “camp evil”! Lots of stunts and explodications (that’s what we call them! Lol!) but no vids that don’t give too much away. Plus we’re in a car all day, so it’s been busy n cramped!

On Friday came an extremely long tweet, describing how people are on edge because they’ll now have to shoot on their days off:

Hey every1! Wow, u can really tell that we’re on the last month of filming, cause now the crew is scrambling 2 get everything done, schedules have been changed, ppl r on edge bcause now we’ll b shooting Saturdays till the end of production (Xmas eve) to get it all done, while all of us who are doing stunts will b working on our 1 day off to rehearse 4 the nxt big fight sequences! MAN! Ppl r sweating! AND this is the 1st morning that was really hard for me to get out of bed! Lol!So I’m getting a coffee barista to come 2day and make cappuccino’s n espressos 4 every1 2 lift up moral n what better way than by shoving caffeine down every1’s throat! Anyway, 2day we’re still in the middle of the rolls Royce chase sequence, so lots of explosions, glass shattering n running from zombies. It’s a pretty closed set, so I don’t know if I’ll b able 2 send any vids, but I’ll let u know when sumthing interesting happens!

Then on Monday came this, as Jovovich revealed that the Royce would be on a gimbal to help rotate it:

So we’re finishing up the rolls Royce chase sequence 2day, it’s gonna b pretty interesting cause they have the car on sumthing called a “gimble” which is a hydraulic pole raised abt 6 ft. Off the ground that turns us around and up n down, so we’ll b at a 90deg. Angle for most of the day! Lol! It’s like going 2 a theme park! Anyway, gotta run and put sum earplugs in cause there WILL B GUNFIRE!!!

Lastly, one of the most interesting tweets had Jovovich reveal that Capcom were on the set of the film today:

the boys from capcom (creators of the RE GAMES) r here 2day! I asked them when Alice wld b in the game n they said “hahaha good idea”! Whatever that means!

Who knows… maybe it means she’ll cameo in their next game, Resident Evil 6?

Directed by Paul WS Anderson, Resident Evil: Retribution also reunites Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez and Oded Fehr, and is set to open on September 14th 2012.

Source: Milla Jovovich’s Twitter Page

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