Blood-C The Last Dark Teaser Trailer

The official site for Blood-C: The Last Dark was recently launched, with a short 30-second teaser trailer.

Blood-C: The Last Dark takes place a year after the events of the TV series, Blood-C, which ran in the summer and finished in September with a pretty big reveal regarding the main character, Saya Kisaragi. All female Manga team CLAMP had collaborated with Production I.G on the story and character designs for both the TV series and the film. Despite being a short teaser, it does appear to reference the opening of Blood: The Last Vampire.

The site also includes a synopsis, detailing that the film takes place in Tokyo and that a curfew is in force to regulate youngsters. However, there is one group of teenagers fighting for freedom, calling themselves Surat, and they intend to take on the influential Fumito Nanahara, who uses his connections in the political world to control Tokyo. Surat attempt to ambush Fumito in the subway, only their plan goes awry when mysterious creatures suddenly appear… at which point Saya arrives.

Directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani, Blood-C: The Last Dark will be released in Japan on June 2nd 2012.

Source: Blood-C: The Last Dark Official Site

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