Kpop Takes On Live Action “Skip Beat”

Skip Beat is commonly known for being a Shojo Manga series by Yoshiki Nakamura, which was then turned into a huge hit Anime series. Also known as “Extravagant Challenge” it tells the story of 16 year old Kyoko who is a friend and ultimate fan of Sho Fuwa, an upcoming big rock star. Things turn for the worse when Kyoko realises she was being used by Fuwa, and plans to take revenge on him, but what can an ordinary girl do to a major star? With the mindset of, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” she enters the same entertainment company as Fuwa’s arch nemesis Ren Tsuruga, the famous most sought after actor, and thus a comedic love triangle forms in the midst of revenge.

Back in early March this year, SMEntertainment announced that Super Junior members Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon would be taking the male leads in the upcoming Taiwanese live action adapation of Skip Beat. This will not be the first drama roles the boys have done, with Siwon starring in Korean dramas such as Oh! My Lady, Athena: Goddess Of War, and most recently Posiedon. Donghae on the other hand is still very new to the acting side of the entertainment business, making his debut in It’s Ok, Daddys Girl. Extravagant Challenge will be his second screen debut. The lead role of the character Kyoko is being played by Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen who has an impressive background of both movies and dramas.

If the trailer is anything is to go by it seems that they are following the footsteps of the Anime very closely. Visually they have hit the nail on the head with the characters and costumes, but only time will tell if this drama will live up to the high expectations of the many fans worldwide. Even so, fans not only of the series, but of Ivy Chen, and Super Junior will more than likely add this to their collection of memorabilia. The first episode airs on 18th December.

What are your views of the newest adaptation to the Skip Beat franchise? Do you think the correct people were chosen to play the characters? What part are you looking forward to seeing in the live action adaptation? Check out the video for the newest trailer!

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