SMEntertainment Countdown To “EXO”

With a new year approaching, the big three entertainment companies in Korea are preparing to go head-to-head with the release of their new and upcoming bands. First to send fans wild are SMEntertainment with the release of a countdown “From EXO Planet”.  On 22nd December the official homepage put up a timer with the new bands logo. The timer was set at 24 hours, leaving followers of SMEnt waiting in anticipation. These are the tiny steps they have gone through to debut two boy bands at the same time on the same date, but one in Korea, and one in China. They will even be debuting with the same song.

On 23rd December SMEnt finally unveiled the first member of EXO to be ‘Taemin’ look-alike Kai. Going from subtle hints from SMEnt it seems the Korean group will be called EXO-K and the Chinese group will be known as EXO-M (‘M’ standing for Mandarin, the most spoken language in China).

The word EXO is taken from their full name “EXOPLANET” which the group uses to express how out of this world they are compared to other boy bands in the industry. With the teaser being released, it certainly shows you that this 182cm tall, 17 year old boy is certainly someone to keep watching. Showcasing his dance moves, mixing hip hop, popping, locking and ballet, he certainly has an overflowing charm which I’m certain many young girls will faun over. It is still unknown as to which group Kai is part of, but if this is the level of charisma and talent the first member has, I will eagerly wait for the revealing of the new members.

Along with the huge amount of publicity SMEnt are giving these new bands, here are some of their official websites.
EXO-K  – Official FanPageOfficial FacebookOfficial Weibo, Official Youtube.
EXO-M  – Official FanpageOfficial FacebookOfficial WeiboOfficial Youtube.

Sources: SMTown, Facebook

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