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Anyone who is part of the Kpop scene will know who Simon, Martina and Spudgey are. Those of you who don’t, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Supplying fans with laughs and facepalm moments, we present to you Eat Your Kimchi

Describing themselves as, “The dorky, married Canadian couple on YouTube living in Korea and making a lot of videos about it,” Simon and Martina have been gaining fans from the very first video back in May 2008. Documenting the fun, the bad, and damn right strange whilst incorporating cultural facts and lots of Kpop goodness, the viewers get a glimpse of Korea that wouldn’t normally be covered on travel shows as well as having a good laugh.

Eat Your Kimchi now has roughly 214,000 followers throughout the array of social media sites and is still growing day by day. Stealing the fame from Simon and Martina is their dog Spudgey, most commonly known for having an amazing green or blue coloured mohawk. Being a fan of Eat Your Kimchi myself, and seeing how big their fan base is, I feel completely privileged to be able to share an interview I had with the best Vloggers around. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Kimi: In your videos, you are known to possibly be the cutest couple ever! Do you act like you do in your videos?
Simon & Martina: Actually, we’re a lot more cute/lovey-dovey/nauseating off camera. We have a really complex love-language, with words that barely make sense to anyone but us. Sometimes we slip up and use these words in front of other people, or in front of the camera, and realise that – hell – people might be really weired out. Ha! We actually try to act MORE serious than usual in our videos. Ain’t that something?  

Kimi: Out of all the countries in the world, why did you choose Korea to move to and teach? If you had a second chance, would you have picked somewhere else?
Simon & MartinaSimon taught at a Korean After School Program for a couple of years while in University, and had some amazing Korean students. Martina grew up with a half-Korean neighbour who shared a lot of her culture. When we were both getting our B.Ed, when we were attending a workshop on teaching English in Korea, we totally jumped on the opportunity. As for other countries, we always thought we’d be living in Japan. Our plan was originally to teach in Korea for one year, and then go to Japan the next year, but we just kept on staying in Korea longer, adding another year. We really like it here! It’s hard for us to find a reason to uproot and leave. But we do know that one of these days, some years off in the future, we’ll probably be in Japan. Just… not yet 😀

Kimi: What is the weirdest fan present you have ever received?
Simon & Martina: We didn’t really receive anything bad or weird. We’ve received interesting things that didn’t really suit our tastes, like Vegemite. Some people love Vegemite, but we think it tastes nasty. It was a great experience to try it, though!

Kimi: You have had the chance to meet many Korean stars. Who was your favourite to interview? 
Simon & Martina: That’s tough. Speaking with Kevin and U-Kiss was really fun and laid back. We recently interviewed Clazzi, and it was great talking to him, because we could speak with him more seriously, as people who respect artists and can understand being creative for a living, since we do so ourselves (but not to the extent of awesomeness as Clazzi, of course).

Kimi: Do you keep in contact with any of them? 
Simon & MartinaWe still speak with U-Kiss’s Kevin from time to time.

Kimi: What was the hardest part about moving to Korea? Is there any tips you could give people who are considering a move to Korea?
Simon & Martina: The language barrier at first is really overwhelming (or was for us). The symbols don’t make sense, the sounds of people talking don’t make sense. It’s like articulate white noise that you’re sure has a hidden meaning. As a result, you really develop your own thought bubble as you become a bit isolated in your own world of thoughts and misperceptions. Once you start learning Korean, though, things open up. Learning the alphabet is the easiest step, because the Korean alphabet is such a logical alphabet that really lends itself to being learned easily. Then, once you start picking up some words here and there, more of it opens up. Eventually you start to feel more comfortable with the language.
Kimi: Out of all the videos you have made, which one was your favourite to make and which one do you regret making the most?
Simon & Martina: We have different favorites. Martina’s is our Korean Hand Games video, in which we compete with each other and suffer the consequences afterwards. Simon’s is the Ajosshis in the Park video. We’d really like to get the chance to do more serious videos. As for the ones that we regret making the most, we can’t really think of one. We know that some have gotten some bad and violent responses from people, like our first U-Kiss video, or the Super Junior Mr. Simple video. But we don’t regret making those. We still have fun doing these videos, but it kinda sucks when people get really butthurt over them.

Kimi: Whats your favourite food in Korea? 
Simon & Martina: The changing of the seasons changes our favorite foods. In the summer we love Mul Naeng Myeon, which are cold buckwheat noodles in a vinegar broth. Freaking delicious, but not great for winter. At the moment we’re really digging Kal Guk Su, which is warm, rather than cold. Altogether, though, Korean Barbecue is a constant in our lives, regardless of the season. Give us some good quality, fresh Sam Gyap Sal at our favorite grilling place and we’re always happy. We work until the wee hours of the night. So, most of the time we just go out to restaurants instead of cooking at home.

Kimi: Martina is a Kdrama fan, which one is her favorite? For Simon what do you do whilst Martina is watching her Kdramas?
Simon & Martina: Kdramas are hit and miss. Simon’s not too into them, except for Coffee Prince, which was just undeniably awesome. As for other dramas, Protect the Boss was pretty awesome. Currently Martina’s finishing up Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. While she’s off watching those, Simon’s usually reading something on the iPad; either comics (huge X-Men fan as of late) or the whole Game of Thrones series (hence the constant “DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR” references). We’re both gamers as well, and play the PS3 and Wii from time to time. We’re trying to find time to play Arkham City. One of these days we’ll crack that open 😀

Kimi: For someone who is new to the Kpop and Kdrama scene, where would you recommend they start?
Simon & Martina: If you’re new to Kpop, listening to some songs from the bigger-budget labels, like SM, YG, JYP, or Cube will get you into finding some artist that matches your tastes. The cool thing about Kpop is that it doesn’t have a distinct sound, like metal, country or 8 bit does. It takes from so many different sounds, and is so eclectic, that you’ll surely find something that’s similar to what you’re into. 

Kimi: Do you have any major plans for the future? Any little teasers you can give us?
Simon & Martina: Well, things are always up in the air, and we don’t like giving away our plans because they might change (and often do), but our big plan now is to really develop the Kpop Charts into something bigger, better, and more useful to people. At the moment it’s mostly for people who want to vote for Kpop Music Monday, but we’d like it to be a source that people can keep up to date with for Kpop Videos, and we’re developing both the page, and potential video tie-ins for the Kpop Charts as well.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Simon & Martina for taking the time to answer my questions. I have had the pleasure to watch their YouTube channel grow each year, and learn not only about Kpop through them, but also Korean culture. Through their witty, funny and ultra cute ways you’re guaranteed to learn and love everything that they throw at you. Please show Simon, Martina and Spudgey lots of support and visit their sites.

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