Sakura Wars Live?

So what do you do when the company behind your favourite gaming title no longer make titles based on it? If your answer was to launch a twitter petition then you are clearly not as dedicated as some, as despite Sega not making any more Sakura Wars games, the series lives on as, amongst other things, a live stage show!

Yes, you read that right. The game series that last saw a title released in Europe on the Nintendo Wii in March 2010, has as late as October last year seen a whole host of stage shows. The latest, Sakura Wars: Budoukan Live 2 – Teito, Paris, New York, featured a staggering 31 songs and 39 actors and celebrated over 15 years of this classic series (See the video below for proof).

The dramatic fantasy and science-fantasy tactical role-playing adventure video games series that was created by Ouji Hiroi is currently owned by Sega and liecensed by both Sega and Red Entertainment. Musical shows aside, the series has also been kept alive through a mix of cafes and slot machines as well as the obligatory anime and manga versions. The series will also have another addition to its arsenal though, when the aforementioned mentioned stage show is released on DVD and Blu-ray this March!

So next time you are thinking of a way to keep your favourite game or anime series alive, then maybe, just maybe you should gather some friends and go all Glee with it.

What games series do you think could make a good musical revue? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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