Will Brock Lesnar return to the WWE in 2012? Our opinion!

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Ever since UFC fighter and former WWE star Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from fighting in the UFC, following his loss at UFC 141, the Internet has been rife with speculation about whether this means that he will be returning to his former employers, the WWE. Many are speculating that he will fight WWE legend The Undertaker in some form of hybrid mixed martial arts and wrestling match at the company’s upcoming Wrestlemania event in Florida. But is this just wishful thinking? Or will the WWE Universe be feeling the pain once more in 2012?

Admittedly the signs do look good for a possible return for Lesnar, but on closer examination of this theory a few cracks start to appear. Firstly, even though he has retired from UFC, Lesnar is still under contract to them for some time, and in the past UFC have been very reticent to let Lesnar work with the WWE, feeling that it would damage the validity of their product. So whilst it may be true that Lesnar may not fight for UFC anymore there is nothing to stop both parties reaching another deal that has Lesnar take on another role (possibly a trainer or talent scout) within the company and thus keep him from working with the WWE.

If we look at the situation from the WWE’s point of view, whilst Lesnar’s return in any form is guaranteed to do big business for the company, they have already spent the last year promoting and building up the fight between the returning WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and current WWE superstar John Cena. So to suddenly add another blockbuster match to the card would, in all likelihood, take the shine off the Rock vs. Cena match, wasting all the time and money they have spent in the last year building up to it. There is also the argument that both The Rock and John Cena may not want Lesnar to appear on the card, feeling that they would then run the risk of being overshadowed by the former superstar’s return. Granted in the past there has been more than one main event match on a Wrestlemania card, but not since the early days of the event has there been a main event that has been hyped up for this long. So with that in mind, the WWE are likely to want to play it safe and see if their long term Rock vs. Cena gamble pays off.

That being said, should some kind of deal be reached by all involved then there is no stopping the WWE repeating the same plan, by having Lesnar appear following Wrestlemania in the WWE and then build up to a fight for 2013. This move appears to be more likely, especially when you consider a recent tweet by WWE Hall of Famer and current WWE talent scout/back stage producer/road agent Jim Ross, “I find it HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that there is an even remote chance of a Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match at WM28. IE..ain’t gonna happen. Calling Oliver Stone..please report to rumor central/fantasy booking department to write Lesnar to WWE storyline. No rush. 2013 will do.

So with that tweet seemingly indicating that at least some thought has been given to a 2013 return, and with the WWE known on occasion to place things in tweets in order to spark interest in them, it seems that a 2013 return could be expected. 

The only possible crimp in this plan is that in recent years Lesnar has suffered multiple bouts of diverticulitis and so the WWE may not want to risk waiting another year in case Lesnar’s health fails him again.

So taking all these points into account, is a return to the squared circle for Lesnar destined for 2012? In this writer’s opinion, it could be… but would I like it to be? All things considered, no. Do not get me wrong, I would love to see him return to the WWE and think that it would be a great move for the company, but just not yet. I feel that a 2013 return, whilst risky, would allow the WWE the perfect amount of time to cement a new and longer lasting relationship with Lesnar. A relationship that could take into account his health issues, his dislike of the WWE travelling schedule, any long term plans with the company and also his dealings with UFC. But as with most things, only time will tell, and with the Lesnar story showing no sign of going away quietly, it seems that one way or another we will get our answer. In the meantime, for those who really can’t wait till then, they can always turn to THQ’s WWE’12 videogame for help in seeing what Lesner could be like in the WWE now. 

What are your thoughts on whether Brock Lesnar should return? Is the time right? Leave your musings in the comments below! 

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