Elizabeth Olsen gets trapped, cries and screams in Silent House Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Silent House, a remake of the Uruguayan horror film The Silent House (aka La Casa Muda).

Supposedly inspired by true events, it stars Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah Murphy, who is staying with her father (Adam Trese) at a lake house, helping to fix it up before selling it. Suddenly she hears unusual noises coming from upstairs. Her father investigates, but doesn’t come back down. So she goes to take a look… and then the screaming begins.

Directed by husband and wife duo, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, Silent House premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January 2011. It was subsequently picked up for distribution by Liddell Entertainment. 

The original film was notable for managing to look like it was filmed in real time, all in one continuous take. While the remake has decided to adopt the exact same style of filmmaking I’m sure, just like the original, there are some cleverly concealed cuts. The trailer suggests a tense horror relishing in the real time aspect as well as delivering some expected clichés, as Olsen runs up the stairs, pulls back the shower curtain, and hides under a table.

Silent House doesn’t have a UK release date yet, but opens in the US on March 9th. However, if you really can’t wait, then you could just buy the original.

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