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MCM BUZZ – Movies, TV, Comics, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay News & Reviews » Kpop At The London 2012 Olympics?
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Kpop At The London 2012 Olympics?

The Top Tens‘ website is a host to all your top ten lists, where netizens (Internet citizens) get to choose their own list and have people vote from all over the world. Although not an official site where everything that has been voted will be followed through, the website supplies a good insight to what people want. The newest addition to their list has attracted a fair amount of attention, causing a big stir among Western music fans and Kpopper’s, as it asks people to vote on ‘Singers You Would Like To See Perform At The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony‘ .

A few days ago a reader sent me the link to the ‘Top Tens’ website exclaiming “Kpop is on the list to be performed at the London Olympics.” Baffled I proceeded to look, and was greeted with the sight of Super Junior in 9th place, and Girls Generation and Big Bang in the top 20. I will say I certainly had a smile on my face as it was a big achievement out of 100 competitors and big names to be that high in the ranking. As the days went past I checked every now and then, only to find even more Kpop artists were on the list, and how very slowly they were climbing up the chart.

As of writing (7th January 2012), the time is 12:30 midday and currently 2NE1 are in 34th with 0.6% of the votes. With 3% of votes in 11th place is Girls Generation and in 10th place we have SHINee with 4% of the votes. Now what’s most impressive is who is beating the likes of McFly, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber and Tokio Hotel. Taking 2nd place in a list of over 100 names is Big Bang, who claimed their fame in the UK when they won the ‘MTV EMA Worldwide Act Awardback in November 2011. With just over 7% of the votes Big Bang has risen over 15 places in just two days. What surprised me more was seeing Super Junior in 1st place with 11% of the votes, a good 4% voting margin from second place having risen from 9th place to 1st and zooming ahead within two days.

For those in the know about Kpop, you’ll  have realised all the Kpop names mentioned are bands from two of the ‘Big Three‘ in Korea. The big three are more commonly known as JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment. Known for having some of the biggest money making idols and the biggest fan bases, whilst also promoting their bands to foreign countries, you would be a fool should you try to debut (or promote a new song) the same time as one of these companies.

This voting, although not official, is also showing the wants and needs of the Olympic viewers, who are obviously fed up with the usual opening ceremonies and wanting to expand their arms wider to show a little more variety. But this is also sending a rift between Western music fans and foreign fans, with one Westerner asking “Why should we have a group who we don’t understand at a Olympic ceremony being held in the UK, shouldn’t they at least be singing in English?” This has caused many to retaliate with one leaving a comment, saying, “The Olympic games is about bringing people from around the world together to show off their sporting skills, why not incorporate that same meaning with music, just one performance among Western acts would not be too much trouble.” Another said, “Don’t be shallow minded, Olympic games are to spread the love of the world, it’s not just about the UK or the hosting country.”

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you like to see Kpop artists appear at the London 2012 Olympics or would you rather it stay strictly Western? Would you like to vote too? Then check out the site here!



  1. Karina1003 says:

    The British and International press have announced that the music directors for the 2012 Olympics will be Underworld, a British band, and they will be working with Danny Boyle, a British director. Even if there are other musical performances, they will not be Korean groups. The opening ceremony for the London Olympics, is for London to welcome the world. What makes you think that London should greet the world with Korean artists? Anyway, keep on deluding yourselves that Korean artists should perform, or have a chance at performing at the opening ceremony at the London Olympics. The world is just laughing and ridiculing how ridiculous that is. Don’t get angry at the English people, for choosing Underworld over K-pop. The fact that Koreans, and K-pop fans don’t see anything wrong with the idea of a Korean band (that is not known to the vast majority of British people) greeting the world at the London Olympics, when it’s London’s (and the UK’s) time to greet the world, is just disgusting and deluded.

    Despite what you may think, London will be greeting the world with British music, not Korean music. And you should deal with that reality, instead of living in a fantasy world where you think it’s appropriate for a K-pop group to greet the world

    • Jen Sharp says:

      Don’t try representing the whole of England with your own personal opinion. I’m English and I think this is a great idea; I would LOVE to see not just K-pop at the Olympics, but music from around the world. London is famous for it’s diversity in ethnicity and culture. I’ve been to London many times and I’ve never seen such a mixture of people anywhere else. The Olympics are supposed to bring the world together, so why not do exactly that?

      It’s fine that you have your own opinion, but don’t say that ‘the world’ agrees with you because that certainly isn’t true. Personally, I found your comment to be quite rude and incredibly ignorant. Suggesting K-pop be at the Olympics isn’t insulting – I know a lot of English people who have voted for them to be there! It’s fine to have your own opinions but don’t try to generalise them to the rest of the country.

      • Summer_galxx says:

        I completely agree with you.

        @Karina1003 I am of Philippine origin but a British citizen. i have been living here for many years now, and like the article said..the Olympics is about the WHOLE world not just its hosting country. the fact that K-pop has exploded worldwide, just means that its a great idea to incorporate them into this event. having multicultural acts just brings the world together, even though there is a language barrier. It doesn’t matter because MUSIC is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Your comment is your opinion, like mine is mine. just don’t think that your opinion is supported by everyone, because i know A LOT of people who want something other than the usual music and K-pop is their number 1 choice.

    • JSmith007 says:

      Hahahaha your lack of intelligence amuses me greatly! There are several reasons as to why Korean artists should perform/ have chance to perform! However, won’t have enough room to lists these several reasons and even if I did I doubt your brain capacity would be able to keep up, especially how narrow minded you are!
      Furthermore, the world is not “laughing and ridiculing how ridiculous that is.” I doubt KOREANS would be “laughing”, I also seriously doubt the Spanish fans/Polish/English/Japanese fans would be “laughing”, yet again your presumptions confirm your narrow mindedness thus justifying your serious lack of intelligence. Which leads me to believe several ENGLISH people will read your comment and be “laughing and ridiculing how ridiculous that is”. FYI the “English people” did not choose Underworld over Kpop, there had been no national census asking people which band they would prefer at the opening of the London Olympics – thus making your claim that “English people” choose Underworld over kpop insufficient due to a lack of evidence to back this claim up. I think you are a presumptuous bastard and in fact, you are disgusting and deluded.
      I could also go into what you mean by “English people”, since no one is truly English or British, considering the amount of times GB was invaded… And I won’t go into the statistics of foreigners living in GB.
      Therefore, in conclusion, think before you make such stupid comments and do your research, because I have just… What’s the phrase? “Burst your bubble”, and now I welcome you to reality.

      • shinee says:

        I want shinee to preform so plz vote for them even if you dnt know them i really want to c them preform! Thank you!

        • Karina1003 says:

          No K-Pop groups performed at the Opening Ceremony now that the London Olympics have started…Koreans and K-Pop fans are so deluded and stupid. I’m so happy London greeted the world with their culture and music….if you want K-pop at an Olympics opening ceremony, do that at an Olympics hosted in a Korean city. The stupidity and delusions of Koreans is disturbing.

          • Oliva88 says:

            I fully understand what you mean by not wanting Kpop in the opening ceremony. I also fully realize that the opening ceremony is over and no Kpop artists performed. HOWEVER, I have to disagree with several of your comments. Saying that Koreans and Kpop fans are “so deluded and stupid” is a generalization and a stereotype. In fact, there are probably several Koreans and Kpop fans that aren’t even paying any attention to this topic. What you said about them (and me, as a fan, myself) was extremely offensive.

            It does make sense that London should not present themselves with another country’s music. THEY are hosting the olympics, not the Koreans, after all. But I’d like to make the point that that doesn’t mean that Kpop is stupid and should not be introduced to other countries. Composers of classical music are different races, but that doesn’t restrict those of other heritage from listening to their music. It’s the same concept. Having different types of music is a great way to diversify.

            Also, please don’t back up your opinions with words like “the world is just laughing and ridiculing how ridiculous that is” and “don’t get angry at the English people”. You’re saying that EVERYONE shares your opinion–one out of hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS–and AGREES with it? That the whole population of the UK voted on who should perform at the opening ceremony? Danny Boyle’s the one that organized the event. It was fully HIS decision, and his alone.

            And to conclude, I don’t think you realize that this article and these comments were not for the purpose of FORCING the Kpop artists on the UK and into the opening ceremony. They’re merely sharing our opinions and getting the idea of Kpop out there and more accepted. Didn’t the writer say that the list is “not an official site where everything that has been voted will be followed through,” but “supplies a good insight to what people want”? These comments and words only support that idea. And so, we are, in no absolutely no way, disgusting OR deluded. Nor are our opinions.

            I really didn’t want to accuse you of something like this, since I don’t personally know you. But, after reading your comments, I can’t help but believe that YOU are the disgusting and deluded person. You refuse to be open to new ideas. And I find it disgusting and horrifying that you want to insult people who are just sharing their own opinions. Frankly it’s just not justified.

      • Karina1003 says:

        Look at reality! The opening ceremony is now over, and no Korean artists performed. Most people in the UK wouldn’t know who those artists were, so there’s no point in London greeting the world with Korean pop singers most people have never heard of. YOU need to face reality, you deluded K-pop fan.

  2. Karina1003 says:

    Not to mention, it’s insulting to the English people when Koreans (and K-pop fans) think London should choose a Korean artist (especially since these K-pop artists are not well known to the majority of the people in the UK) over their own music, to greet the world during the Olympics opening ceremony.

    • shawol13 says:

      Just so you know, kpop is VERY well known in the UK and in the rest of the world. How can it be insulting the english people, it is actually a good thing as we can learn about their culture and listen to something very diferent from what the uk has to offer

  3. Guest says:

    Olympics is a worldwide event so why should it only be western musicians. KPOP would be awesome mainly because it would introduce new cultures and unite countries so what better to do than have worldwide singers perform
    Kpop hwaiting i really hope they can perform

  4. 박소영 says:

    I DEMAND A KPOP ARTIST not super junior tho…

  5. Domonickausin says:

    They shood play victory Korea

  6. NStacey6 says:

    Yes, yes yes I totally agree, the Olympics isn’t just about the hosting country. So, I say we should have some kpop! Kpop isn’t just known in Korea but other countries too! I say we all stop being narrow minded and enjoy some kpop! My bias is SHINee XD I love you Key!!! But any kpop would be fantastic and have a different audience wanting to see the Olympics, getting more people into sports and being aware? So why would be kiss this opportunity away? We wouldn’t! So let’s promote kpop for the Olympics opening!

  7. rebeca says:

    now in top ten are 7 kpop artists….suju snsd bigbang shinee jyj b2st and 2ne1

  8. Anisah Anisahraza says:

    The Olympics is all about bringing the world together (you know, the logo 5 RINGS),
    so if the world want one particular group, why not???
    If only Western artists are able to sing, then it kinda defeats the purpose of the Olypics!!

  9. SujuLover says:

    My Bias group is Super Junior, and i know how happy they would be if they had gotten to perform at the Olympics. 😛 Maybe next time? >.<

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