Saints Row The Third DLC Mission Pack 1 Details!

So if like me you were wondering when we would finally get to see the promised DLC for one of 2011’s best games, Saints Row The Third, then wonder no longer as THQ have confirmed that the first DLC mission pack will be available from January 17th!

Titled simply Genkibowl VII, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the DLC sounds somewhat tame. However you’d be most definitely wrong as upon delving deeper into the DLCs content we find that it promises to contain all of Saints Row trademark insanity and more!

The story for the pack is that Professor Genki has put together a game show event like no other, with the games being themed after his own Genki girls and choosing the leader of the Saints (You) to be the star contestant. “Enough about the story, what about the games?” I hear you ask. Well Genkibowl VII will find you sailing through the skies with Sad Panda Skyblazing, fighting through dark, shark-infested jungles in Angry Tiger’s Apocalypse Genki, and crushing your way to victory in Sexy Kitten Yarngasm. As well as all this players must not forget to help Professor Genki maintain his excitement before any public appearances in Super Ethical PR Opportunity.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the games will also feature commentary from Steelport’s favourite announcers Zach and Bobby and their new side-line based correspondent Tammy Tolliver.

So if that sounds as fun to you as it does to me then don’t forget to make sure you head online to purchase the DLC (Or get it for free if you have the season pass) when it is released on Tuesday January 17th on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.

Saints Row The Third is available now on XBOX 360, PC and Playstation 3 courtesy of THQ and Volition Inc. 

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