Game over for MS Points?

According to a report published by website Inside Mobile Apps, it would appear that Microsoft is set to abandon its MS points currency system that it operates across its various consumer platforms by the end of this year.

The points system which many will know from its use on as part of the XBOX Live platform, will be replaced with a currency based system that reflects the region on which the person is in. So for example if you live in the UK, items such as in game content, movies or songs will cost you pounds and in the USA it will be changed to dollars.

This move will also bring Microsoft in line with other online content providers such as Apple and XBOX’s direct competitor Sony and their PSN store. What is not known yet is how the denominations will be worked out and whether consumers will now be able to buy pre-paid cards that have a set amount on them in much the same way as the points cards currently do.

One good thing about this move is that unlike with the current points system, which see’s you pay £10 for 800 MS points, under this new system you would potentially pay £10 and receive £10 worth of credit.  This said however, nothing is stopping Microsoft from then changing the pricing structure of the content so as to make the user have to pay more in order to get that extra special weapon or watch the latest movie live from their living room.

Whilst Microsoft have not officially confirmed or denied this change, the move from MS Points to the consumer’s native currency would certainly help Microsoft test the system thoroughly before the release of their next XBOX related product (The rumoured XBOX 720), which is expected to hit shelves in the not too distant future.

What do you think of the end of MS Points? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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