Could Be the First Annual Loss for Nintendo

With the Wii U set for release later this year in all major regions, you might believe that there wouldn’t be any trouble with Nintendo’s forecast for the year. But the iconic ‘plumber built’ empire is looking at its first annual loss, and it’s much higher than initially forecasted.

Nintendo now expects an annual operating loss of 45bn yen (£367m), dwarfing expectations of a 4.2bn yen loss, based on the average of 21 analyst forecasts.” – The Daily Telegraph.

Announcing only yesterday that they intend to have the Wii U available for all in Japan, US, Europe and Australia by the end of this year, Nintendo have their work cut out for them as they try for pole position in the handheld and console market.

With mobile devices porting more games to their stores for download and people becoming more used to touch screen controls, the way in which handheld gaming has developed could have us see Mario tighten his suspenders and raise his ‘call out’ charges.

Whilst still good news for gamers all around as we look ahead to seeing a new ‘next gen’ console sitting in our front rooms, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata did say a release was “for the year-end season”, meaning our Christmas mornings could soon be spent unwrapping new white boxes rather than coupons for us to buy our own at the end of year.

Now I love my tablet, I won’t product place but lets just say it’s from the fruit family. However as much as I use it for gaming, work and social aspects, gently tapping at a screen doesn’t quite offer the same feeling of satisfaction that hammering buttons does. Nor the precision offered by the stylus of the DS on such a small area or the quirky gimmick of looking into a three dimensional box. Forecasts aside I think Nintendo will continue to dominate the handheld market, because who hasn’t sat in a group playing Mario Kart until their thumbs ached.

Source: The Daily Telegraph | Kotaku

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