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In September 2011, DC Comics used Flashpoint (a time-travel themed crossover starring The Flash) to segue into a company wide relaunch. Much like Barry Allen started and ended the Silver Age of comics, he ended the Modern Age and started a brand new and shiny Age for DC Comics. I’m going to go with the Postmodern age, given how the relaunch titles so far feel like they’re intentionally warping expectations of what did/did not happen previously.

And it only took five months for a new logo to emerge.

Now the Internet has been a-buzzing over this. Some really hate it. They feel it’s flat and undynamic, lacking the feel of the original. You almost lack the heart to tell them that these comments come around every time a comic-book company rebrands itself, and that eventually people will learn to like it only to knock the next rebrand.

Detective Comics Entertainment New Logo

As it stands, I quite like it.

It’s not the old logo. That much is obvious. But it feels distinct and new, in keeping with the shiny aesthetic of the reboot. There’s even an old-school feel to it, a no-nonsense approach that may be less dynamic than the original but ties in nicely with the feel of the comics, which – for my money – are moving back into a more Silver Age approach in terms of stories. Not all of them granted, and there’s still a LOT of violence and sexuality that seems inappropriate, but the feel of superheroes being superheroes is, sadly, not done enough nowadays.

DC also get bonus points from me for adapting the new logo to each comic.

Speed Force, activate!

I include The Flash one because… well, he’s my favourite character by far. And if he started and ended the Silver Age, it’s only fair that he take centreplace now that he’s ended the Modern Age and started the Post-Modern Age.

Any thoughts?

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