America Welcomes ‘Girls’ Generation’ With Open Arms!

Kpop is spreading to the ears of the Rich & Famous it seems, as SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation) made their American debut on the Late Night Show with David Letterman and LIVE! with Kelly

Performing their latest English hit “The Boys” it seems the love for these girls have spread far beyond Asia. Shocking Kelly Ripa with the amount of support from the audience she exclaimed, “That was amazing. You have so many fans, I’ve never seen so much audience participation in my life! Congratulations!”

It’s no secret that there have been many failed attempts in the Kpop world to debut in America, but with Girls’ Generation making appearances on two top class American TV shows that are watched by millions, Se7en’s newest album topping the US charts, and Wonder Girls releasing not only a single in America, but their own movie as well, what’s not to say there will be more success in the future? 

A huge step for any future releases by Kpop artists, they have now set a footing for Kpop to be accepted worldwide. But when will the UK be more open minded, and allow the promotion of Korean music makers and idols on our very own TV shows? I’m dead certain someone like Jonathan Ross, known for his love of Asian (mainly Japanese) culture, or even Graham Norton, would love to have something as alternative as Kpop on their show. 

Check out the performances below!

Sources: KoreanCandy, AllKpop

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