Green Lantern. Issue 6. Comic Book Review!

With this ring…

Green Lantern #6
(Johns. Choi. Cipriano)

PREVIOUSLY… The first arc of the DCNu Green Lantern ended with Sinestro facing the people of Korugar and using all of his willpower to give them temporary rings so that they could fight off the Sinestro Corps. He then took back the ring that he’d given the expelled Hal Jordan, and left Hal back on Earth. Hal then FINALLY got together with Carol Ferris, and pledged to leave being a Green Lantern behind.

At this point, being critical at all of the Johns Green Lantern is hard.

Are there parts that don’t work? Yes. Mainly Hal Jordan keeps hopping from ‘not a Lantern’ to ‘Green Lantern’ a tad too often. While this makes sense given the comic only ships monthly and there needs to be plot progression, I do wish that we could go back to that old approach where stories really got a chance to breathe before everything took that next big twist.

We only get brief glimpses of Hal adjusting to life, and then he’s a Lantern again. It’s better than getting it over with in one issue, but moments like Hal beating up the WORST aircraft crew ever (indeed, why doesn’t Carol control her staff better) feel a little false considering we’ve no context for how much time has passed or, indeed, what Hal’s exact emotions are.

Not to say that I want Hal Jordan: Archie. But it seems to be moving faster than the characters can process.

That said, this issue isn’t about Hal. It’s about Sinestro. And his conversion to a Green Lantern continues to be a fantastic and logical shift for the character. In this issue we get to see Sinestro feeling fear for the first time in a long, long time. His look of horror when shown what will actually happen is terrifying. Granted, Johns has gone down this road before – but it seems here that Sinestro was shown the future as written in the Book of the Black rather than ‘a’ future.

It ties in nicely with the long-running storyline of The Guardians being the most inept immortal beings in the history of comic-books. With Kyle slowly becoming ‘the New Guardian’ over in the title of that name, it seems like we’re building to the endgame of Johns Green Lantern series. Which is good.

While I’m a huge fan of the writing, and the art, it feels like we’re coming full circle to when he began. Johns rebooted Green Lantern to make the character and the world relevant again, and it seems like he’s doing what he did with The Flash, namely setting up a big finale paying off all of the divergent threads since GL: Rebirth, which makes the disappointment of “War of the Lanterns” a little easier to take. If that wasn’t his defining crossover, maybe “Green Lanterns versus The Guardians” will be.

But that can wait. Up next is the truth behind the Indigo Tribe finally revealed, and I can’t wait for that.

Johns has done a great job revamping Green Lantern and showcasing Sinestro as a capable lead in his own right. The series could just use committing to either Hal or Sinestro as the lead, because right now both aren’t working on the same level.


Grade: B+

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