Matt Smith: I won’t beat Tom Baker

This week Doctor who star Matt Smith revealed that he doesn’t believe he will beat the record for the longest reign in the TARDIS. The record is currently held by fourth Doctor Tom Baker.  

The comment has surprised fans as the record hasn’t been matched by any Doctor since 1981. Tom Baker is the longest serving in the role and appeared on screen for seven years during which he travelled with five companions, including a savage named Leela, disco-dog K9, a Timelady called Romana and the incredible Sarah Jane Smith played by the late Elizabeth Sladen.  

The remark has also lead to speculation that Matt Smith knows more than he’s letting on, causing rumours that something is set to change.

“I think there will need to be a younger, cooler person than me – or maybe an older, cooler person,” said Matt. “Who knows? But I don’t think I’ll be doing it as long as Mr Baker.”

“I just sort of take each year as it comes really. We’ve got all the rest of this year to get through and then we’ll just sit down and review it from there and see where it goes.”

“But I love playing the part and I love working with (writer) Steven Moffat.”

There is currently no indication as to when Matt Smith will be hanging up his bow tie; though one thing’s for sure, he certainly won’t be giving it up just yet. However, could his leaving coincide with the upcoming Doctor Who movie?

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