Superboy. Issue 6. Comic Book Review!

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Superboy #6
(Lobell. DeFalco. Silva. Lean!)

PREVIOUSLY: Superboy beat the Teen Titans to a pulp.

One of the positives, and negatives, of the DCNu reboot is that attention to continuity means smaller crossovers between titles that are tightly organised. The problem is that if you miss one of those issues, you’re coming into the end part of a story and thus aren’t really sure what exactly happened.

I didn’t read the last Teen Titans issue. So I’m catching up to a fight that, for me, happened entirely off-screen, or off-page if you will. Well, mostly. Superboy gets into it with the sole remaining Teen Titan, Solstice. They argue a bit, and then he headbutts her for impertinence. It’s a moment so utterly random and bizarre that I started laughing despite myself. Like something that Superman would’ve done in The Silver Age. As breathtakingly crazy as anything Hawkman’s ever done…

It’s then topped when Kara shows up.

Fresh off an argument with Superman (that takes place in Superman 6, which isn’t out yet), she gets into it with Superboy. We discover Krypton was destroyed by clones, that Superboy has no qualms about flirting with Kara, and that Kara is worried Superboy touching her will make her into a clone.

I think I can safely say this is the craziest comic-book out this decade. And last decade. In fact, maybe ever.

It’s also very well-written and drawn, which is disturbing. Usually when comic-books are mad there’s no quality there beyond ‘this is comedic gold.’ Here, it’s actually a fantastic comic in terms of pace, crisp artwork and ideas. The snag is that all of these are undone by some absolutely crazy plot-twists and character reactions, such as alluding to the faint ‘incest’ vibe from Blackest Night between Black Lantern Superboy and Supergirl, and going overboard on pointing out how disgusting clones are.

And yet it’s incredibly entertaining to read, albeit in an ever so slightly guilty sense.

It’s a tough one to grade. The above reasons suggest an alternation between a high mark and a low mark. It’s not bad enough in terms of writing and drawing for a poor mark, but I can’t quite justify giving a comic featuring incest and headbutting a cowardly Teen Titan a super high mark.

I guess I’ll go near to the high mark area.


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