DCU Online: Time To Take Down Brainiac!

Since DC Universe began unofficially (November 2010) and officially (January 2011), Brainiac has been the big bad of the game. He conquered a future version of Earth by capitalising on mis-trust amidst heroes and villains. Future Lex Luthor sent exobytes back in time to give normal people superpowers to form a super army to take Brainiac down and in the process he betrayed Future Batman.

Now, a year and change later, the heroes and villains are preparing to launch their last campaign to get rid of Brainiac once and for all. And they’re doing it DLC 3, taking us to Wonder Woman’s native island of Themyscira.


Yes, we’re finally going to get a glimpse at Wonder Woman’s base of operations.

Whether this will lead to her getting her own mini-map ala Central City hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the possibility of that and a new power (rumoured to be Earth) is extremely tempting. The Earth power was used in the beta version, yet how it’s been adapted hasn’t been revealed. It’s projected to be a tank power, and with the Wonder Woman themed raid the implication seems to be it’ll be an adaptation of her abilities in the same way Electricity was an adaptation of The Flash’s speed-force!

The big thing about this particular DLC is that Brainiac is facing us head on.

Given the rise in combat rating needed for content, it’s likely you will need MINIMUM CR63 to fight Brainiac, suggesting that this is the endgame of DCU: Year One point Two Five. It’s shaping up to be a huge battle, and a nice point for players to reflect on the game.

It also allows new players to feel there’s an endpoint to the arc, which should hopefully bring even more colourfully attired heroes and villains into the mad house. No release date has been confirmed, but smart money would place an announcement by the end of February!


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