Gotham City Impostors Review

“What-ya doing?”

“I’m the Dark Knight, protecting streets of Gotham.”


“With the mantle of the Bat, I Strike fear into the Jokerz of Gotham!”

“M-hm so what are you doing wearing a cardboard ‘bat box’ on your head and using an Uzi?”

“Ahh, yeah about that…”

Gotham City Impostors is a very addictive, easy to play game, which sucks you into the DC Universe and keeps you hooked on comic value and determination of progress alone… all for just 1200 Microsoft points. Picking your side is one thing but you get drawn into loving your character as you pick every little aspect about them and design your own Joker/Batman costume; and they’re costumes that definitely fall under the category of last minute budget deals rather than cosplay extravagance. And that is where the beauty of Gotham City Impostors lies; in the non-serious all out death dealing shooter that you would not expect to see in shadowed wings of Batman.

6 vs 6 intense multiplayer ensues quickly and rarely did I come across a dull moment, controls being quirky and straight forward to use, it falls into that category of Team Fortress 2, taking a non serious approach to explosions and physics. There’s your character classes which follow the norm of speedy and tank and variations in between, but it’s when you mix the gadgets and weapon sets together that you get the best use of your crazy. There’s no definite right or wrong combination of weapons or gadgets, just what suits your play style best. I was in love with the glider rig, and couldn’t do ‘nowt but reminisce to the old animated Batman theme tune from the early 90s as I zipped around Gotham with it, landing bat-thumping double fisted bruises. But it wasn’t long before I had transitioned to the grapple gun, whizzing past people at alarming velocities and changing direction at speeds which would have earned a nod of approval from Marvel‘s own web slinger.

Most games that take this jovial tone to combat do become repetitive fast and with only six other people in a map to point your shredder gun at, it’s easy to feel as though you can fall into a stereotypical monotony. But with the game changers, like the trampolines and the variations of gadgets, you always feel as though adaptation is the key to success. A very complex game of Rock-Paper-Scissors for example, where you will find yourself in the menus altering weapon sets just as much as you will find the time to fire them.

The menus however also earn Gotham City Impostors its negative points, in that customisation becomes a VERY pricey aspect to the game. Some 105 pieces of optional DLC for customisation comes to a total price of around £130. Suddenly the game doesn’t seem so cheap for an arcade game. If you’re a die hard fan who likes to collect all the available content and unlock all the variables, then you may as well hand your wallet to the Jokerz now.

Despite the alarming price of additional content this is still a fabulous game and it has had all the time and care Monolith can offer in making this a great experience. Even with the purchasable additional content, it helps cement your character as an individual. So when you play Gotham City Impostors, You better keep an eye out for the Guardian Bat that is my alter ego! With his cardboard bat-hat, tiny bat-wings, bat-grapple gun and bat-shredder! Oh dear, I thought I would get through the review without bat-ifying things. Oh well, have a look at the trailer below. Now if you don’t mind, I must dash, “TO THE BATCAVE!”

Gotham City Impostors is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points, the Sony Entertainment Network for £11.99, and Steam for £11.99.

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