Mattel to manufacture Back to the Future Hoverboard

If after watching the Back to the Future trilogy you’re still thinking about wanting to get a hold of a life-size replica Hoverboard, then this just might be the news you’ve been waiting for.

The New York Toy Fair is currently underway, and Mattel revealed at the event that they finally intend to put the Hoverboard into production. According to the advertisement banner (courtesy of Toy Ark), it will be available by pre-ordering through Matty Collector.

It’s from their site where we find out that it “does not actually ‘hover’” which seems to contradict the whole point of a Hoverboard, however it will “glide over most surfaces.” One has to wonder what exactly they mean by “glide” here. It will also include “whooshing sounds,” and we’re also reminded that it will not work on water!

Pre-orders for the Hoverboard will run from March 1st – March 20th and provided they receive enough orders, only then will it go into production. Customers are expected to receive their Hoverboards at around November or December, just in time for Christmas. There’s no actual price yet, though Matty Collector describe it as “a high cost item,” so it certainly won’t be cheap.

Are you prepared to purchase one, or would you rather wait and take the real thing from a little girl in 2015?

Source: Toy Ark | Matty Collector

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