AreaNet Reveals Console Version for Guild Wars 2

I work in an office and I hate conference calls. It’s something I can find mind numbingly boring, but this is one conference call where you would have found me sat on the table leaning over the phone with a notepad.

The recent conference call between AreaNet and NCSoft covered many topics and one that has emerged as complete confirmation by a member of AreaNet is that a console version of Guild Wars 2 is in the works.

“We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version,” said Martin Kerstein of AreaNet, “but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC.”

I feel that “kickass” would indeed be the correct terminology for news like this. Sensationalism does sometimes hide the facts that are announced by game developers when leading up to a release, and what is initially a small snippet of good news can be washed away as false due to over zealous enthusiasts twisting swamping forums with theories. So it’s good to have some clear crystal cut confirmation that we can look to enjoy Guild Wars 2 on the PC and consoles alike.

As it’s only a small team, it will either be a completed game ported to the consoles or perhaps only limited interaction from the console market to the full game online. Mobile device interactivity has already been speculated and we could be looking at a more intuitive version of this from the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Either way it’s safe to say Guild Wars 2 is being developed with the PC as the main platform.

Ultimately there is to be a lot of large scale testing for Guild Wars 2 through March and April, so here’s hoping for a full access Beta. In the meantime enjoy and salivate at these in game shots; perhaps don your dressing gowns and saucepans, arm yourselves with the ladle and spatula and shout incantations in the back garden as you go for complete immersion!

Don’t forget to visit Guild Wars 2’s official site for a full page of screenshots and concept art for the upcoming game, and check back here for anouncements soon!

Source: Guild Wars Insider

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