DC Universe Online: Battle For The Earth Webcast Recap!

The Avatar of Tech Strikes Back!

On Thursday evening, DCU Online hosted a webcast designed to tease players (both new and long-term) about the content they could expect in the third DLC pack; the intriguingly titled “Battle For The Earth.”

While they were keen to keep spoilers to a minimum, some fascinating new material was unearthed. Namely that it’s the biggest DLC yet!

The first DLC (Fight For The Light) had a new power (Light), three new alerts (Star Labs, Coast City, Oan Sciencecells) and a new duo (Coast City). The second DLC (Lightning Strikes) had a new power (Electricity), a new duo (involving time-travel) and the ability to run around a condensed version of Central City.

“Battle For The Earth” manages to top this with a huge amount of content, even if it’s not strictly based on one specific character: We have a raid in Themyscira; a new power (Earth); two new character builds (Terra and Geo-Force); Tier 4 armour; new alerts and duos; and an uplift for Southern Gotham, in the form of new open world content.

The sheer content seems designed to give everyone something to do, in contrast with DLC 1/2, which were geared towards higher end players. The team at DC Universe Online appear to be going all out when it comes to giving people plenty of content for their money. In saying that, it does seem like the reaction to feedback referencing DLC 1/2 has led to this DLC not being based on a specific character. Rather, it’s looking at the Magic story as a whole.

It’s good to get some closure on the Brainiac story, but it does strike me as a shame that the content isn’t geared around a central character. Given the magical pedigree of DLC, it would’ve been nice to have – say – Captain Marvel geared content. Of course, that’s nit-picking. This DLC is paying off the first story, and setting up the second with allusions to time-travel and lots more to follow. It’ll be interesting seeing where that takes us. Check in soon for more DLC information as it comes in.


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