Midlands MCM Expo 2012 Masquerade

The cosplay calendar for 2012 has started with the Masquerade rounding off another successful Midlands MCM Expo. The packed audience were treated to a wide array of costumes and performances at what is traditionally an opportunity for newcomers and people looking to dip their toe into cosplay competitions.

Experienced cosplayers assessed entries that wanted to be judged, selecting winners who took away prizes from MVM, Beez, Gundam Nation, and TokyoToys.

The winners were:

Best Solo: Steve cosplaying and performing as Katy Perry.

Best Performance: HCLA Brigade with some Korean inspired dances.

Judges’ Awards also went to:
Alouette as Reimu Hakurei and RohanFox as Marisa, from Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony (Touhouvania) [This announcement was unfortunately missed on the day].

Minxie as Idris from Doctor Who.

Evil Cookies Cosplay with their Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn group.

Gemma, Nem, and Harry with their Glee! performance.


“We had more performances than ever before,” noted MCM Cosplay team member Granny Gertrude. “The very different mix of costumes and performances in the Masquerade along with the more casual and friendly nature of Midlands compared with the highly competitive London shows, we felt it proper to give our judges more flexibility than usual with the awards – though this did mean I managed to miss out one of the winner announcements! Thanks especially to Alouette and RohanFox for their understanding.”

The next MCM Masquerade will be on Sunday at the Birmingham Expo, which takes place during the weekend of 31st March and 1st April 2012. You can contact the MCM Cosplay Team with any queries at cosplay@mcmexpo.net

Alouette as Reimu Hakurei and RohanFox as Marisa from Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony (Touhouvania) used with permission from Dan Hardwick.

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