GAME and Gamestation Not Stocking Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9

It has been discovered today that retail chain GAME Group (comprising of GAME and Gamestation) will not be stocking the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 at launch, or any other EA titles released in March after SSX.

Following a year of bad news for the chain, plagued by credit issues that recently prevented them from stocking Ubisoft‘s Playstation Vita launch titles, Tekken 3D and Nintendo‘s The Last Story, the stores have now cancelled all Mass Effect 3 pre-orders. They are offering a full refund on any deposits, and five pounds of reward card credit to those who are affected, though there are conflicting reports as to whether the refunded deposits will be store credit.

EA has commented saying that anyone who has not pre-ordered the N7 collector’s edition through Amazon,, Zavvi or should cancel their pre-orders and make them through one of those sites instead. They have yet to comment on GAME or Gamestation.

Also, after the release of The Last Story bypassed GAME and Gamestation, now comes the news that Nintendo’s release of Mario Party 9 this Friday will not be available from their stores. It does suggest that any games distributed by Nintendo might not make it on the shelves of GAME or Gamestation in the future.

An internal email from Tom Devine, GAME Group‘s managing director of Northern European operations, obtained by (seen at the top), said that GAME group would not be stocking any of EA‘s March releases, citing not being able to get “the right credit terms” from EA.

Recently Eurogamer detailed the impact that GAME Group‘s collapse would have on the games industry. They discussed how without a dedicated games chain, there is the increased possibility of available titles shrinking at retail and the high likelyhood of digital distribution of retail titles. The full article can be found HERE and whilst long, provides a good insight into the future of the industry if the chain is unable to recover from its current issues.

What do you think of this news? Would you like to see GAME and Gamestation gone from the high street? Will the offer of five pounds credit be enough to keep you shopping with GAME? Let us know in the comments below

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