Big Bang Show That They Are Most Definitely ‘ALIVE’

The boys of Big Bang are back once again to blow our minds, and like previous releases, they have performed a perfect all kill. With the release of their everlasting anticipated fifth album ‘Alive‘, we see Leader G-Dragon guide members T.O.P, Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang into showing how alive they really are.

It was stated by G-D himself that ths album was a way for them to show that even through their hardships and tormented 2011, filled with car accidents and drug scandels, these boys have worked hard to reclaim their names. They have now recovered and are ready to show just as much support for their fans as the fans have supported them.

Track 1 – Intro: With the repeated words “Im Still Alive”  it’s certainly setting the mood to show that they are back, they are still rocking out, and ready for a whole new start. The lyrics show they want their past left, and they want to move on, making a better image. The intro itself for me is too short. It’s such a catchy tune, mixed with all the band members vocals, it gives a nice clubbing feel.

Track 2 – Blue: Finally a song that shows that all members, including the rappers G-D and T.O.P can actually sing. It’s a strange thing to say, but although it’s not really singing and is in fact rap talking, it’s different to what you can hear usually. You can also hear that the strongest singer Daesung is really trying to control the power of his voice to fit in with the softness. This song isn’t really sung, but more whispered. Again this is completely different to what you would expect from Big Bang, and is actually a really mellow and down to earth song. The music video is also worth a watch, no violence, no sex, just pure music and emotions.

Track 3 – Love Dust: Mixing soft vocals with a smooth beat, soft rap with a mix of techno sounds, and the use of auto tuning, this song seems to fit together really well, showing that different genres fit together. Well, there are slices of each different style, catering for everyone’s needs. Lyrically it’s cute, to the point and not too sickly sweet. A favourite point for me is the voice cuts by computerised electronic voices to say “Love Dust”, which is really strange, yet soothing at the same time.

Track 4 – Bad Boy: Going back to the smoother vocals, not screaming or shouting, yet not whispering, it has a slight retro feel. This time to give the fans a treat, we finally hear T.O.P singing in his own little section of the song. Being worthy of something mellow enough to have at a home party, yet up-beat enough to have at a club this is a very versatile song. Bordering on a Jamaican sound, I think this song reflects the personalities of the members, and almost seems like they are saying sorry to the fans for being ‘Bad Boys’.

Track 5 – Ain’t No Fun: A song about breaking up, with a difference. The lyrics say exactly what we would all like to say when a relationship is getting ‘Boring’. The music itself has a brilliant hook, the harmony just maximizes the vocals and seriously makes this a tune that will remain glued in your head. It’s simple, repetitive, and true to its lyrics.

Track 6 – Fantastic Baby: ‘BoomShakalaka’ is going to be the next byword for any Kpopper out there. There are simply no words I can use to describe how enthralled I am with this song. It’s one of those songs where listening to it once is simply not enough. Catchy, up-beat, swagful, repetitive and original all thrown into one, this is most definitely one of the songs you could let your non Kpop loving friends listen to and have them hooked in seconds.

Track 7 – Wings (Daesung Solo): Daesung is known for having the most powerful voice in Big Bang. His voice is so well sorted to rock tunes, and with ‘Wings‘ they have mixed rock with dance to form a perfect song for Daesung. This is one of those songs you would have playing in the car to rock out with friends. Full blast, opened windows.

Apparently there will be music videos for each of the songs, as they will all be released under their respective names as singles. But as to when, or if this will happen, is still unknown.

This is one of those albums that simply must be bought and played at full volume. If there isn’t a song to get your feet tapping on this album, then what have you been listening to? The album can be bought on iTunes, which climbed from 10th position to 8th in just under three minutes after it was released on the US iTunes website. Seriously give this album a go, you wont be disappointed, and if the music itself doesn’t grasp you, at least the amazing cinematography and costumed members will.

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