Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Comes to Life

Frankenweenie has Tim Burton returning to animation with a story he initially shot as a live action short for Disney back in 1984.

After the young Victor Frankenstien loses his beloved dog Sparky in an accident, he decides to use science to bring him back to life. The experiment proves to be a success, only for Sparky to escape and terrorise the neighbourhood. The short was considered too scary for children and resulted in Burton getting fired from Disney.

Since then Disney have made amends and signed him on to direct two feature films for them in 3D. One was the billion dollar grossing Alice in Wonderland, which has pretty much given Burton free reign to do anything he wants.

As an obvious homage to James Whale’s Frankenstein movies, the new feature length Frankenweenie utilises stop frame animation, with the characters looking similar to those in Burton’s Corpse Bride. But will kids take to the black and white visuals? Click play and have a look yourself.

Featuring the voices of Charlie Tahan, Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara, Frankenweenie is released in cinemas on October 5th.

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