Kara – Making New Consoles Unnecessary?

Intuitive or scary, whatever your standpoint is of Quantic Dream‘s Kara, a tech demo for the Playstation 3, it’s safe to state that it shows new consoles are perhaps not as much of a necessity as we thought. It’s for Sony’s triumphing console and it’s running in real time. With the leap in graphics from the “next gen” consoles early games to design ideas like this, we can see there is still much to be gained from our current entertainment systems.

Watch the video below and see how the animation can start pulling on the emotional strings in the same way a movie can, and how the level of detail leaves you feeling like you have just sat down to watch one. But don’t get too attached as unfortunately Quantic Dream‘s have confirmed that “this is a concept only and is not taken from any software title currently in development,” which is a disappointment in itself. But hopefully we will see other designers taking a leaf out of this book. The gaming industry is reaching a point now where without the inclusion of Kinect, Move, and Wiimotes there is only a limitation to what interaction one can have with their game. Soon we could hopefully see interactivity on a level like Skyrim with running visuals to this quality!

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine

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