Neo Geo X Handheld Console Announced

Following the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo Arcade Entertainment System, Tommo Inc and BLAZE are set to release a limited edition Neo Geo X handheld.

The limited edition console will feature 20 officially built-in games, such as Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, and The King of the Fighters. The handheld will also feature an SD card expansion, a 3.5” LCD screen, an A/V output so that you can play your games on your TV, and of course, a headphone socket.

The Neo Geo X will be distributed by Tommo Inc across the US, and retro gaming specialists BLAZE throughout Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Although no firm price or date has been set, it’s already being hinted that it could end up costing around £500! Well, at least it comes with games to play on it. However, at that price, you could alternatively purchase the new Apple iPad 3 at £399, or three Nintendo 3DS’, or 830 Kinder Bueno chocolate bars.

If you’re not aware of the Neo Geo then you were either still in Pampers or just happened to be engrossed in the likes of the Sega Mega Drive or a Super Nintendo. During the early 1990s only the most dedicated hardcore gamer with the deepest pockets could afford to own a Neo Geo AES. Manufactured by SNK, the uber-powerful console did make its way to the UK, though few stores (even specialist retailers) managed to stock it. The console equivalent of having an arcade machine in your own home, not only was it incredibly expensive at around £400, but the chunky cartridges (some of which were over 700Meg), meant that the games themselves would cost upwards of £130 each! The price was one of the reasons why it struggled, yet it was often justified by the high quality of the games, which made owning a Neo Geo AES kind of like being a part of an elite club. 

The Neo Geo X handheld is set to be released later this year. Would you be interested in purchasing one?

Source: Pocket-Lint

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