Comic Village Guests at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

The Comic Village at the MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC is gearing up to be one of the largest gatherings of comic artists and writers in the UK. Its aim is simple, to bring together comic creators of all styles, mediums and levels so they can show what they’ve been working on. Below you will find a list of the artists who will be attending, along with links to their sites and more information on them.







NaniiebimNaniiebim is a freelance illustrator who draws self-published comics.





Rob CuretonOrful Comics is an auto-biographical webcomic drawn by Rob Cureton, updated every Friday. It chronicles the minutiae of life as a designer living in North London.






Josh Clarke –  Labels himself a twenty(mumble)-year old comic artist from Birmingham.




MogzillaMogzilla authors Robin Price, Alex Keller and Paul McGrory often visit schools with Creative Writing workshops. There’s been a big push to get children, (especially boys) into writing. They love childrens books and have published a set of books that they are really proud of.











Space Babe 113Space Babe 113 is a somewhat abstract and naughty SF comedy comic, with the emphasis on fun. This comic is also occasionally satirical, often surreal and features lashings of abstract cartoony nudity.






Cog Drawings






Lily Mitchell






Matthew Craig






YF Studio





Lisa Cummins – Graduate from the University of Teesside, currently working for 4th Wall games. She has many years of experiance when it comes to drawing and designing, taking on board traditional drawing methods and styles when it comes to her work.






Destiny Blue





Doctor Geof – A regular webcomic-y supply of cartoons and comics spanning such things as tea, steampunk, science, more tea and occasionally goths. Safe for work but only if you’re not operating heavy machinery at the time.






Huy Truong





Davy ShirleyAuthor/illustrator of the LGBT romance/adventure online comic “Fera: A tale of monsters. A tale of beasts” which has been updating weekly since 2009.




Inspired ComicsInspired Comics was formed in 2008 at the end of an excellent comics course for teenagers which was ran by Hi8tus. You can find out more about the course here. The collective has since printed five anthologies which have been sold at a variety of different events up and down the country.






Ushio – A self-publishing comic artist, manga reader, geek of an otaku nature and more!





Lizz LizzLizz is an illustrator from Birmingham. She likes green tea, knitting and cats. Other animals she thinks are good include rabbits, elves, bears, dragons, unicorns, monkeys, dinosaurs, lions, tigers and bison.






Jenika Ioffreda





Elenawing Studio – A Medical Biochemistry graduate that draws random fantasy and anthro art.




Nikki Wynne – A 19 year old British student who has just begun an illustration degree at Lincoln university. She has been painting for around six years, both digitally and traditionally. Other arts she takes an interest in include photography, fashion, textiles, jewellery making, cosplaying, music.






Jade Thompson 






Katherine EllisFreelance illustrator and storyboard artist.





Lee Bradley – A freelance illustrator working within comic books, advertising and product design.





Hester ‘Morti’ Macfarlane – 23 years old, and originally from Reading, yet currently settled in North East England. She has been drawing regularly since she was about 13, for her own pleasure more than anything else.






Kromatron Comics






Wade Comics 












Scott Stanford 






Tank Trunk






Kit Jo Yuki





Reload Comics  – Reload Comics is an independent comic book publishing company based in the South of England. Thier first title ‘Jericho‘ has already proven to be quite popular amongst avid comic book readers, as well as celebrity comic book readers.

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