The Predators Gather at Birmingham Expo

That rattle you just heard, that was the cue to get to the chopper, because this planet has become a game reserve. And what’s hunting you is one ugly son of a… okay so I won’t finish that quote, But I’m sure you can see that something epic and Predator related is coming your way. And it’s closer than you think!

This coming MCM Expo event at the NEC in Birmingham will be host to the first mass gathering of Predator cosplayers from the UK, and it’s set to be the largest one of its type! With over twenty of these colossal hunters gathering to track you down, it is something you surely won’t want to miss.






The pictures dotted here cover some of my own ‘happy snappy’ moments from the London Expo throughout the years, along with other people’s great shots of the finely made costumes, though as you can see, these images are just a taster of the upcoming event.

The MCM Expo at the NEC in Birmingham will be running from the 31st of March to the 1st of April, so make sure you make an appearance and that you’ve packed your camera!

Other features of the upcoming Expo include guest appearances from the stars of Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs and Madison Lintz, and voice actors from the hit anime Full Metal Alchemist, Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke.


Don’t forget to check the main page at for more info about the new venue for one of Britain’s biggest comic con events.

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